In the mind of a reader….


Have you ever read a book long after you closed it? Mapping out the ending and wondering what the author, character or the person was feeling? Have you ever felt like were it you in the picture, things would have turned out quite different? Or is it just me? I have found that I tend to think of books long after I close a book particularly if I’m not completely done with a book…I have so many ways that my mind reasons should help a girl out of danger if she so is…or of relaying a message to an unsuspecting character whom I like in the story….and this happens particularly in the shower when I haven’t put music on…or sometimes even with it on…I just zone out into the story. I wonder why it chooses such times…never quite got that…Or when I’m doing dishes or mopping the house…sometimes when in the car, looking out into the scenery, sometimes something outside the story world sends me right back there.  For those whom novels and reading does not quite fit into their mindsets, do movies do the same to you? Gamers? Do you ever get such a feeling?

Why the long introduction? Simple – The implication that this has. Research tells me that that right there is meditation. And what is meditation you ask? Not what those people do in yoga? Turns out its pretty much closer home.

The English meditation is derived from the Latin Meditatio, from a verb meditari, meaning to think, contemplate, devise, ponder… Many of our scholars are of the view that the mind needs to be trained, in order to focus on a certain thing. But through experience, young as I may be, is that it need not necessarily be trained to meditate(keen pondering on a certain subject) but rather it needs to be trained on meditating on the right subject.

Let’s go back to our study case, imagine if you had been reading erotic stories…the mind-a powerful engine- will have created images for you, characters so god-like, they are hard to resist. As you remember and picture out what they had been doing, your mind goes into overdrive, creating a motion picture. Now let’s imagine you aren’t done reading the story, a potty break of some sort (interesting timing hmm) by the time you leave that washroom, we shall have an X rated movie that even the porn stars will be ashamed to be part of.

Now let’s do a retake, you’re in a business, much interested in expanding your territory… and you tap into an entrepreneur’s site or one of those inspirational books who knows or a business weekly. Well chances are an idea will be planted into your mind and what is greater than idea that has been put into action no matter how diabolical it is. Okay…that’s pushing it a bit too far…no matter how simple it is, as long as it is well thought out, it is bound to work and bring in its own cash, challenges notwithstanding.

Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to the standards of this world but rather be transformed by the renewal of your mind, then you will be able to do the will of God-what is good and is pleasing to Him and is perfect.”

Taking advice from the All Wise and great one, what you put into your system goes a long way into determining how you think and consequently who you are. There are two channels very responsible for this, hearing and vision, which is why the kind of music you listen to, is very important, but we shall talk about that on a later day. The other is vision. Reading becomes stronger than even movies because it involves the mind creating its own images to suit the characters and because such are self created they last longer in mind and if the emotions are well jotted those too become a part of you.

So be careful what you see, what you listen to and most importantly what you read. They can and will transform you. All that said, …

Joshua 1:8 Be sure that the Book of Law is always and read in your worship (some translations say shall not depart from your mouth). Study it day and night, and make sure that you obey everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Love and kisses


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