Misplaced trust


There’s a danger to giving someone your
heart, except if that person is Your Creator and even that has a cost.

Don’t believe me? Ask Shadrack and Meshack and Jeremiah. Even Joshua stated in Joshua 24:23 the cost of following God and there is the aspect of dying to self.

It is just such a good choice that you would be foolish to not make that choice. Like it makes all kinds of sense.

But with a person it is different. They disappoint and badly !!! Even those whom you do not expect to disappoint you. Parents for example they were ordained by God to protect and provide and guide us. To love us as God would.. yet look at all those people out there with Daddy issues or mummy issues. They are the most damaged lot of us all.
So much so that when psychiatrists are treating patients or therapists. .they always go back to family history.

But we still love them. And we hope to be even better parents.

If family can hurt you..if at times you feel God has departed you …imagine how much more you entrust on someome else who has to learn to love you. Someone who chooses to love you. Like your friends for example. ..or your spouses. Those whom you lock out the whole world for… these people like all others in the world will disappoint you. Will hurt you. Will mess you up. In ways so painful you can not even begin to imagine.

So do you stop loving or trusting ? It depends. Are they worth it? Are they worth all the drama and the pain? If you put what gain you get from them ..or they get from you on a weighing scale…would the good outweigh the bad ? Are they influencing your life in the right direction?

If your answers to this questions is yes …then they probably are. I am not saying that you should be all self righteous and selfish expecting that this people will bend over double to serve you. No. Friendship and love is about giving. But if they are damaging you causimg you pain and add no value then you best wake up! You best protect your heart.

There is a good reason why we are advised by the Great Word to Guard our hearts.
For out of its riches do blessings overflow. You sure do not want a cold heart..or an angry one. It is dark and vile and incapable of giving love at that state. Protect your heart ..like you walk to banks to guard your money or have vaults for delicate documents.

Guard your heart. It is precious and no amount of gum can mend it once damaged. Only your Creator can.

Therefore love… love freely but love carefully. Not everyone in your path needs to lie on your bed. Not every smile glanced your way needs entry into the depths within.

In fact love like a brother or a sister. As Paul advised the Corinthians. Love with a brotherly and sisterly love. Those are easy to forgive, there is no malice, no agenda. It is a pure kind of love. No pretentious actions or need to allude to be something or someone your not. And any grievances don’t stab at the back. At least not so much. And as i have said if well looked at, they are logical explanations. Therefore the mind can easily forgive and peace easily prevails.

Having said that I feel a strong predilection to write this…

I will guard mine. From hurt, from pain, from anger -especially anger. I will love but i will be careful. I will not let small things affect me. There’s probably a logical explanation. I will strive to understand and to forgive. And when it is time to let go, i will and in good faith.

And in the end..

All is well.

And if at all you have been fooled or disappointed or lost trust, take heart..


Much love guys
And stay safe.

Love and kisses


One thought on “Misplaced trust

  1. This is a beautiful piece. Wow it’s like you’ve literally pulled the thoughts off my head and jotted them down.

    Beautiful; I totally relate to this..

    “Truth is, everyone will hurt you ; its up to you to choose those who will” Bob Marley


    Liked by 1 person

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