Memoirs of a young girl..

Tonight i chose to share a poem i wrote a while back…for my first love, when things were good and life a bliss. I had been outside enjoying the cool breeze of the wind as both I and the skies bid the sun goodnight. I took a pen and jotted on a piece of paper n i have walked with it for four years now…in my cute pencil porch.

Well…here goes….


Looking at the blue sky,
Darker now, a shade of grey
Yet even then
Dazzling dots and shining ball
Still speak of silent hope
And as the clouds move
Changing shape
I find myself journeying with them
Through space and time
To a simpler time
Where it was simply you and me
And you held me close
Didn’t matter who
Stood and stared
….Promises and treasures made
Declarations softly said
And as i looked into your eyes
I slowly realised
That my dark skies
Were turning blue

( I am older now and though tempted to edit…i feel deeply that this should remain as it has for the past four years in my bag 🙂 )


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