Garissa 147: The last letter

Writing 101: Brevity

Task: You stumble upon a random letter on the path.You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. 

Accident and Emergency,sirens everywhere! Men in white while the rest drenched in blood. All this the aftermath of suicide bombings in a school. A small little voice and a weak hand touches my hand… I turn to the frail actions of a man wounded beyond measure. He struggles to His pocket. Bloody hands, bloody chest. A paper falls down ..a picture and something else. He looks at me helpless eyes begging for help.

I pick up the paper and all the things from the floor. He looks at me in earnest smiles and looks away. His vitals are falling, the beeps scanty. Hurried resuscitation all of us do our best.

At last a flat line…and I go back to his things. A simple picture of a family so happy. Then a note…sealed almost in blood.

My dear Maryline, I jot this down as I hear gunshots in the next room, I have no other way of saying good bye as I know I am next. They attack without question saving only their kind. One more month and at my graduation party you’d have been. And I would see our little boy.
But from wherever I be ..I will always look after you… The sounds increase there’s nowhere to hide. I love you my love and take care of our son.
And don’t cry too much …we’ll always be one.

It is well with our souls. It is well.

and at the bottom a number encircled in love.

I tear as I pick my phone up to call.

147 …now 148.


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