A stranger’s kiss?

He came to her life as a simple bystander. His actions neither affected her nor aroused her interests in any way. A simple additional cast in her story of life.

Then slowly almost mystically,the by stander that was began to take shape in her life. And as she observed him almost without knowing she realised many traits. She noticed how calm he was. How short he was yet how confident he was. He was always in a corner at first. Fiddling with his phone or doing this and that but always on his phone. And she wondered was he scared? Was he shy? Yet in a crowd of people he knew he would speak up when discord struck and his words would silently strike home and the argument whatever it be would silently go away.

She would watch him dance …sometimes struggle with a move but keep at it until he got it. Sometimes the cutest of scrawls would form on his face…like in his mind he was trying to make sense of the move and frustrated at himself and then he would have a little celebratory dance when he did finally exceed that almost no one but him would see. Almost.

She watched as he would tackle issues of life. Going out of his way to make a girl smile. A girl who sometimes would notice but most times would not and wonder why he continued to.

She watched a man with his younger siblings, playing with them while still guiding them …making sure they didn’t grow up so fast. I mean what’s the hurry anyway.

She watched a man subtle in leadership, a servant leader. Keen to ensure that all was running smoothly without the rest of the group ever knowing that there was trouble lurking.

She saw all this from the back of her mind …not even noticing that she was noticing. Without her knowing she saw the stranger become a friend …someone she could talk to. Someone who would understand. Someone keen on her welfare.

Slower still …She watched her heart melt, her resolve falter ..as she felt the touch of his lips grazing with hers, felt the rise of heat from her back and all her nerves fire up.

He came to her life simply..now no longer a bystander. His actions affecting her deeply, his life now a keen interest in every way.

A simple man, a calm man, a subtle man but a strong, powerful man.

Stranger ? Lover or friend?


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