Writing 101: day 8

Death of the adverbs.

I am still learning at the bloggers university and albeit late wouldn’t want to not have attained my goals.

My lateness, however greatly contributes to this post. And brings me to speak of a matter close to my heart _Procrastination.

Procrastination is the art and science of putting off things until a later time or date as you wait for the perfect conditions to magically present themselves and therefore enable you to do your intended action.
How I wish the world worked that way.  My life would be amazing. But it doesn’t and one has to toil to bear good fruits. And not just toil but give it your all. Despite unfavorable working conditions, you work with the hand that you’ve been dealt and push on until everything works out.

It’ll never be a perfect time or setting to start but you have to start anyway.

Does that make sense?


7 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Totally relate to this.
    There will never be a perfect setting to write in. So just write when you can, wherever you are.
    My manuscripts will never be perfect, so just send them off.
    Very well written Jasmine.

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      1. well they say if its not written it does not exist…There is no perfect moment for anything thats just a mindset we have let ourselves into..remind me of the parable of the talents…God gives us according to our measure

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  2. It’s sometimes nice to procrastinate, I like it much. The feeling of expectation and thrill that comes once you’ve started to work is magical. Nothing beats the contentment once you’re finished in spite of… yourself.

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