Writing 101: Reunion.

Prompt: A man and a woman walk hand in hand in a park and see an old lady seated on the bench and suddenly the man breaks down crying. Write from the perspective of each..

It was a beautiful day. Calm and peaceful. The sun had graced them with just enough heat to make them feel warm and the clouds kissed at just the right points to ensure that it did not become scorching hot.
Lisa looked around enjoying the green lush grounds and the view of the lake in the distance and the ducks that from a distance she could almost visualize.

It had happened here many years ago. On a Saturday when she had finally taken heed from the many urges of her roommate and decide to do that morning run. She had seen him and that was inspiration enough to keep running every single day after.
She looked up at him….his tall figure and smiled waiting for him to see him his birthday gift 😋

He looked down at her smiling eyes and couldn’t help but hold her hand even tighter as if to let her know that he thought of her just as much as she did and even more. She was amazing. Such an amazing soul. However she had dragged him from work …he could not understand but such was the norm when it came to her. He was an ice popsicle in the noon day sun….enjoying the warm heat oblivious that he was slowly steadily melting ..but enjoying that as well. This girl was slowly thawing his ice cold heart in ways even he could not understand. He remembered what had turned him so cold in a flash …the crash, the liquor, his…, the …. And just as fast he blocked it. That was an older time. A different time. No need to revisit such. Even if it plagued him every second of his sleeping night.

Lisa looked at him and saw that pained look again. It hurt her, every day, every night that he would scream and she couldn’t bear it any longer.
She pressed his hand , a small sign that she was there.

She watched him see her on the bench seated ….so old and frail…slow tears streaming down.
She looked up to see him in tears, his eyes in vivid shock. She let his hand go , sincerely hoping she had done the right thing.

The old lady looked at them both and could not imagine that this was happening. She had dreamt of this for so long too long and she blessed the soul of this young girl that the Lord had used to answer her prayers. She struggled out of the bench as had become her norm in this her latter days.

Slowly rising to meet her angel whom she hadn’t laid eyes upon since that tragic day. Tears freely flowed as she held his face. He had grown so tall. So handsome, but his eyes….his eyes looked so old, so pained.

“My baby”


“Yes baby it’s me. It’s me. I have missed you so much”

“I am so sorry mother. I didn’t mean to. I really did not. I am so sorry …” And he started coughing, sobs choking him.

“it’s okay baby …it’s okay…. Its over…it’s okay. ”

“Mother it’s not…I killed her , I killed him, I killed them all, it’s my fault…it’s ….”

“No baby …it was meant to happen. There’s nothing you would have done. But you almost killed me baby….. I have missed you for too long. I lost all of you in one day. Yet you….you were still alive. Still near me.
Yours was the most painful loss ”

He could not believe it. How could she have forgiven him. Had she forgotten what he had done. He survived, they died. Yet he is still here.
But how had I been so blind. When father died and when their little angel died. She must have needed him. But how could he? How could he face her?

“Mother I …..

“Its okay baby….time is all we need and a good brew of coffee. And you and I my child….And this little angel here. God bless her soul.” She said as she reached out to Lisa’s hand.

“Thank you child” she whispered to her.

He watched. Startled. She looked at him smiling, tears flowing too. And mother dearest observed them both, her heavy burden slowly lifting.


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