Writing 101: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Day 10.

Isn’t this just swell? That I get to write about a meal that made my holidays special and in my own voice! And on my own birthday! You got to love bloggers university!

It was a day much like this one , many years back. The sun was out and the birds were singing …the clouds were clear and the mood was that of clarity and fun and a young little girl was waiting for anyone , anyone at all to remember her special day.

Now I don’t recall what year it was or how old I was turning but I do remember that wait. As usual my birthday had fallen on a school holiday. .some days after Easter and for some reason mummy had been home that day.

Many chores and many hours later my little brotherΒ  remembered and in the sweetest of voices wished me a happy birthday. I was so delighted. Especially after seconds later seeing the realization on mom’s face. It was priceless!

She had been busy making Ugali for supper and for those conversant with the meal …it’s one of those meals that are such a staple that you don’t want to have on a special day. Especially as a child of that age.


What she did next I will never forget. She came hugged me and said happy birthday and that she was sorry she forgot. Then scolded me for not reminding her lol then told me not to worry …that she was making me African cake. Dad who came in at about the same time also was shocked that he had forgotten and being the dad that he was ..he walked and went looking for cake. We used to live right opposite a super market. And at the time funds were somewhat an issue.
So Daddy dearest went and bought 6 bakersmill queencakes and told me “happy birthday!”

20 mins later we were all seated at the living room and mommy came in carrying the Ugali ….singing ” happy birthday to you ” and placed it on the table. Then lovingly she cut it into pieces while speaking blessings into my life.


And just like that a staple boring meal became one of my most special meals. And to date I would rather that Ugali than a black forest cake any day.

I love many things in life..hold many memories… But this particular one is one I hold dear to my heart. 

And the queen cakes were amazing too!! 😜😜


6 thoughts on “Writing 101: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  1. This was a really nicely recalled memory. I enjoyed reading this and it sounds like such a special home environment. I am so glad your family was able to celebrate with you and you must have really enjoyed the togetherness with your family.

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