I do ❤

See you soon!!!!

(Half smile) See you..


A young couple sit across each other, close yet not so. Something looms in the air. A darkness of sorts.

He smiles at her. She is beautiful beyond all he could imagine. That she was seated across him , he counted as blessing.  Many men sought after her and he did not blame them. She was graceful, beautiful, and laughed heartily. Mostly. Today she seemed resigned. Lost in thought. He wonders what troubles her mind. She has changed. Withdrawn. Try as he does, he cannot for the life of him, understand what he has done. Maybe he ought to wait.

She looks at him, sees his smile, sees him try. She notices his smooth skin and his cute little spots. She aches to touch him but she doesn’t. She is troubled. Why? She doesn’t understand. She knows he awaits some sort of explanation. But how do you give answers if even the question plagues you?

They eat in almost silence. Each keen on their thoughts. Each wondering if this is the end. But the end to what surely? They have something special , something real, something amazing. No title. Just something.

Can she live with just something? Is she ready though to let go of her freedom ? But freedom for what? And what changes anyway? She battles with thoughts of insecurity, doubt, of ….

She looks to her side to see him on his knee. She watches him ring in hand. A steady stream of tears flows down her hot cheeks…

Will you?

Will she?


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