Serially found


Saturday 12th May 2011

A young girl walks through the corridors of her high school, adorned in blue and white and very new to the ways of this new world. A mere form one, desperate to fit in, to feel at home.

She follows others as they do their duties. Hers, to wash the form three corridor. Outside the hall she hears beautiful music. One she has had for three four weeks now and hasnt thought much of. But today it calls her..almost by name. And she finds herself carried by the motions and lifted by the waves to her tiny seat In the hall as people sing and worship in Bible study. She watches them pour out their hearts and souls. Crying yet smiling at the same time. Their hands lifted to the sky. Hallelujah all around her. She feels overwhelmed by the currents flowing and doesn’t understand. She is Catholic by birth and hasn’t experienced much of this but she knows for certain that there is a Great Power within this place. And she needed to remain there. Like it could be home.

The preacher spoke and she hang on to every word. Of hope, of grace, of peace, eternal joy but more so of forgiveness, of no guilt, she drunk it all. Thirsty for it.

She hears the call, the call to Salvation, but cannot. Would not stand. What would people think? What would her fellow Catholics think? She was baptized and confirmed after all. And she remained seated. Then from the periphery of her mind she hears the preacher state ..

“there are some among you wishing to stand but have not. Due to time we will pray for those who are here but the Word of God is a double edged sword, piercing all and fulfilling what it was meant to. This Word shall follow you and bug you till you surrender. Be it in your room or In class. Let’s pray….”

Sunday 13th May 2007

She couldn’t stop thinking of the preacher’s words. Couldn’t shake rant feel of completeness she had felt. She went to the service but her mind remained on the Call. She watched as
people worshipped. They looked so happy so content. Well most did. Others looked like they were going through something so painful that only a Higher being would understand. Others sang because they could.

She sat listening. Observing. Wondering. Her heart yearning, for what, she knew not.

Monday 14th May 2007

The young girl went about her business. Excited about house dance practice and joyfully joining her housemates on the “Holy Woods ” as they called the field as it was filled with trees and morning after morning students would flock there either facing the wall or under a tree and pray dedicating their day to the Lord above.

She watched as in the evening others came to do the same and felt a longing to go and pray. Stubborn as she was, she turned said good bye to her peers and walked on to class.

Tuesday 15th May 2007

The events of the days past had led her to a calming point. She found herself with the Holy Word reading and marvelling. She found herself walking after the afternoon prep to the Holy Woods and slowly towards a small bush. Slowly, she knelt to the ground and whispered a prayer above.

” I don’t know how to pray Lord. But I am desperate for you. Work in me and be with me. Be my Saviour and forgive me for all my sins. I just dont know what else to say…. But I do want my name in the book of the Lamb and I do want to know you ” and she found herself crying and crying and couldn’t stop, she prayed for so many things, for so many people, and she felt so peaceful. So hopeful. So full of life. And for the first time in life she felt alive. She felt at home. She was home.

Lost and now found.

Note from Author

This is how I met my Saviour. My best friend. My all.

Many years later and still happy, at peace and alive. I have fallen many times but He always picks me up.  And I pray that it grows even more beautiful, more graceful, more peaceful, more abounding in faith. And that each day I shall grow to know and to love Him more and more.


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