My worst fear beyond everything I know is NOT insects. Far from it. But they do come terribly close. Especially ants! Like I don’t understand them I don’t get them! In my mind I have thought about why God made them. I do have Lot of respect for them seeing as they are among the very few animals/insects to feature prominently in the Bible. And that as a source of a good example. But that doesn’t mean that I like them.

I always see them crawling up my legs in search of some honey pot and ending up in Lord knows what places! I mean why?! Have you ever been beaten by a Safari ant??


Those huge red things that look the size of your pinky instead of a normal ant! That thing is painful! And not just a little painful but very!!!
I know I know too many exclamation marks. But if you felt me you would know. My body has become so sensitized to them that there’s a particular kind of itch I feel when I am near one. And it’s only till I kill them or shower or preferably both that I relax!

I know vividly that if I am bigger, therefore stronger. But there is what we call tyranny of numbers and ants well…they mastered the art.

Ants! Argh!

To be fair though, when it comes to time keeping and team building and selflessness. They are it!


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