Free Flow

It’s Day 19, technically many days after, but we don’t have to tell anyone that now do we?? What excites me though is that it’s Day two of li’ve of Baby Thendo Jelani, my best friend’s baby son. So yes we can scream it!! I am a New auntie!! Baby Jelani however might not know that 😛 As far as he knows he is quite content next to mummy just sleeping and sucking the thumb or is it the hand? But he will get the hang of it! He comes as such a gift. A pure gift to us all. With his amazing smile and his lovely eyes and hair that must just come from the mother and just how cute the little one is. I would share his picture but I don’t think the mom would particularly like that, you know how it is with first time mothers, I had to clean my hands to touch the baby! (Which I am totally fine with btw ) and then was asked not to let him sleep in my hands for too long coz mother dearest doesn’t want to spoil him. But he is such a calm one. Cried only twice in the twelve hours of life. When he came to this interestin. Earth ( which happened so fast!!) And when he got a BCG shot and even then for just a short while. He likes his sleep and I think he must have pretty interesting dreams because he will almost smile at some point he will have a tiny jerky movement. Like he’s still getting used to our Oxygen or something but he just keeps on sleeping. And smiling. Watching him and mother try to get used to breast feeding is just so interesting. Lol . They both fumble with each other like they have no idea what they want to do but know they need to do it anyway but by the time I was leaving they were kinda getting used to it. Boy! Isn’t it special though. Watching my friend, my best friend hold that boy in his arms and see it look so right! It is so so special. Makes me figure hmmm….motherhood might not be so bad after all. One minute she’s looking at me and she’s the young little girl I’m used to the next I see her with her baby and she looks like sixty more times more mature than me. Was she looking fatigued? Meh! Just slightly. As if she’d done a whole day of med school and then added two hours to it. But I have never quite seen her that calm, that content and that peaceful. She honestly looked like she was home. And I have known this woman for a long long time!! So Here I am, an auntie now, and so so happy. So anyone reading this Say a small little prayer for baby Thendo as we thank God for him and that he will be the strongest most bravest man and he will be of great both character and success. A man worth reckoning with. And that in this special time and always that diseases and illnesses will not be his portion. Welcome baby Thendo! We love you!!!! The wait was long_short but you’re finally here. Mwaaa :***


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