Gifties!! 🌌🌟🌠🍫🎂🍧😍😍

I wake up in the morning and to my side I see this. A miniscule of the expression of love in my life. Gifts!

I am female in all ways and I do love the aspect of getting spoilt beyond all ways imaginable. Like its such a turn on! I believe that all women crave appreciation and all men admiration and to feel needed. Needed to protect, to provide, to lead. But that’s a topic for another day.

Right now I go back to my joy for today… Gifts!!

I have received many in the recent past and I am truly grateful. But to pick one as my best is honestly a task. All were needs at some point. Well at least most. And that someone listened to me as I spoke and actually took a step farther and brought it. I find that a blessing. There are those that are answered prayers and those that I did not know I needed till I received and those simply I look at to make me smile.

Gifts are a nice way if young ask me to appreciate someone. To make their day. Sometimes something as simple as a simple is enough. Sometimes they are hungry and you just offer lunch. Some well…..a car all wrapped in a bow for that lovely one. They all convey the same message …love.

I remember when I was younger, about 16years and I had just started talking to a particular guy. A friend of a friend. Something that started as a simple prank that led to many days of laughter and joy! And tears towards the end.

All the same, it was my birthday and we were to have a joint birthday party with another friend of mine and this guy ..let’s call him B, had agreed to be my escort.

So B and I are walking in those streets of South C (South Sea as it has been newly dubbed in this season of floods),holding hands and laughing and fashionably late. And as we tried to navigate into this new place that the party was to be held in, he just stood, turned me and gave me a bracelet. I have never forgotten how I felt that day. And no matter how things turned out between B and I turned out I always keep it around to remind me just how much joy I felt. That he had gone out of his way to get something like that for someone he barely knew was simply, to me, amazing. In that moment I felt so loved, so appreciated, so flattered but mostly so surprised that I just froze. I remember wiping a tear as I told him thank you. And wearing that silver bracelet everywhere I went for the joy of knowing it was mine and it was a gift.

It’s no wonder I said yes to the man later that evening and had a good one year of near bliss. 🙂

I am older now and it would probably take much much more to convince my mind but still I am grateful. I certainly am.

This year has been one such year. And my smile keeps growing as the months unfolds. Beginning with my own dear daddy and my siblings to my friends and loved ones, to say I am happy would be an understatement.

Back to my prompt, which has taken me so long to write as I tried to conjure the perfect item to write about, is there anything that I hold so dear, to bring it to life so that others may understand why…. Well for me it is gifts. All my many gifts. That all well kept in their own beautiful places but mostly in my heart.

But not for their worth and no I am no gold digger. (In fact I prefer if they are chosen for me and brought to me. )
But for what they made me feel. What the people who gave me and I shared at the time and how no matter what happened even now when I look back at those moments I smile.

Do you feel the same??




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