Blogging 101! Who am I?

Hey you, yes you!

I participated in the Writing 101 in April n here comes a chance to learn how to better my blog! Yipee!

So today, being the first day,I’ve been tasked to introduce myself and why I blog. Sort of like an ice breaker. Which is proper don’t you think?

Before I start rambling about a game we play with children to help loosen things up a bit lemme just get straight into it.

My name is Jemimah J. The J is for Jasmine, a name I really love which Is seldom used. Probably because being my confirmation name I received it a bit later on in life and therefore when one asks my name,my default name comes out.

All the same I am 22years old. Just turned. N happy. I am a Kenyan native. And totally love my country. I am also a medical student in The University of Nairobi. I am also a Christian. I love love love the Lord (My Daddy) and I mention Him quite a bit in many of my posts. I aspire to write Christian books in days to come.  Yet still be able to connect with people from all walks of life and inspire them that whomever you follow, believe with all your heart. If I am able to bring home to God a few souls and if He so wills I will be amazed. But mostly to let people (young especially) out there know….they are not alone. And don’t suffer alone.

And most of all and as an answer to today’s second part of the question, I love writing! And that is simply why I blog.

I find that in this walk of life many things inspire me, and give me hope. From a family of birds or stray dogs, to a lecturer here, to the interaction between loved ones to many insecurities just out there and I write about such. In the hope they will impact you in your own unique way that may be different from mine.

I am still finding a definite path that I will take with the blog n I sure do hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Well…I hope that’s an apt introduction.

Much love




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