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Diani…My new love ❤

I have a blogging 101 challenge to speak to my audience…those whom I would love to connect to.

And I have Diani in mind. Beautiful Diani, Amazing Diani. So I’m thinking I might try and show you my audience my week’s journey that left me feeling breathless, some days heavy and most days just happy and on one particular day…magical and blessed.

Allow me to show you all a piece of Kenya and a piece of my heart.


Above is Southern Palms Diani, they hosted us for a whole week of joy with an all inclusive offer at quite the reasonable price. With their five course meals and Italian and bbq restaurants that we could order from anytime, it is quite a possibility that I gained a few pounds over that week. And as you can see, with my size, I really don’t mind. (More meat in the right places is good!!)


My beautiful front porch view … I hesitate to add any more writing to this beauty that you all see.

My balcony view was nothing short of amazing as well….


The balcony served to entice me just enough to go check out the pool which turned out to be …Just as amazing!


This pool was too huge to capture it all. But that’s a section of the fresh water pool. There was a salty water one too for those brave enough to deal with salt.. yikes!


Yes it was quite possible to have a late night walk in the beautiful beach…

But my most favorite photo and one that had nothing to do with me, my vanities and the leisure that was represented by the hotel is this….


Somehow, I was able to capture this moment, and till now it still touches my heart.

The sea, raging as it can be, just seating calm and peaceful, slowly making its way home. With the sun kissing it’s edges ever so beautifully and with the sky so calm with splashes of white and the two canoes in the periphery….. It was as if all forces of nature collided to make the most beautiful of wallpapers. And somehow I captured it. Such things humble you and inspire you that you don’t need to be raging mad, to be aggressive, to force fear to just show you are powerful….No. You can be truly calm. Relaxed and your authority will still exude …and it will have done nothing to make you less powerful.

After all still waters run deep. So in life, don’t struggle to show yourself, prove yourself to other human beings, probably more lost than you are. You are you. You make your own paths, your own life, your own destiny. Don’t be rude, don’t be overbearing, just do all you need to do. Stay up late and toil …and the tides, the tides will move in your favour, steadily, calmly, but always so sure.

Not how I had pictured this blog post
would flow at all….But the heart chose this path and the mind made the way. To whomever the message was meant to reach.. keep calm and let the silent waves ride strong. Others will still do as needed, dictatorship or forceful and overbearing nature doesn’t always do it’s role. It’s like the Carrot and the stick, leadership is about a fine balance of the two.

Deep musings aside ….thank you so much Southern Palms, SrtKenya, Diani and my motherland Kenya.

For the friends I knew I had but the stamp hit home hard over that holiday and who’s photos I would love to share but I know I shouldn’t. Thank you girls. You are all a blessing beyond measure. And I can’t imagine a vacay without you all. Or life as I know it now to be honest.
Love thee all.

For the deep calm beach and the calm of the night and the man who made my all … Love you. And I cannot imagine an even better beginning. You chose the perfect time, the perfect day, the perfect place, and you were right .. patience does pay.

To the experiences I will never forget …like touching a street urchin when even a dog scares me lol….and swimming in the deep sea. And helping me brave my biggest fears …thank you.

Bravery does show in the little things

And for you all my readers who don’t need to but still take your time to read this… And all of you who post and your stories inspire me to no end. Thank you. I grow daily from your posts.

And to you all…

I love you





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