Testimony! Money in that lost pocket


This just happened so I might be a bit ecstatic as I literally can’t stop thanking God.

Ever had one of those days when you have so much to do and so little money? Well that happened to me! Today! I was going about my morning writing the whole time thinking what to do, what to do? With a lunch date with one of my favorite girls, a girls night out and a graduation ceremony tomorrow for yet another of my girls…money is of the essence. Not forgetting a Kizomba class later on.

So as this is going through my mind, I smile thinking I have only about 500ksh in my pocket. The class alone can’t fit and I really don’t want to postpone. So I just went to my God and silently and  not in so many ways asked Him to provide cash somehow!

And figured I might just have to kopa(borrow) some funds from Mshwari.

And with that I ordered lunch, showered, prepared and waited for my food. As it came and in the last minutes of leaving my house I decided to change my bag cause I have changed my jacket, hence my whole look and as I open the bag to switch stuff, right there as if waiting to say money just smiling. I couldn’t stop beaming. Just said thanks to God, announced the news to my roomie and just left the house, assured that today… Is an amazing day.

Thank you God again. You work in amazing, mysterious ways.!


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