Relationships and Love

My little frustrations…

Whoever said love was easy and it just flows must have been a fool, maybe a fool in love, but a fool nonetheless.

And things such as relationships, and being official, and such ideologies of this world. Who coined them? And why?  Who plagiarized courting and termed it dating? Again why?

Argh! Dealing with human beings outside your heart, even outside your world is hard enough, I mean someone steps on your toe, and you turn almost to hit them..then remember you need to be civil and you stop yourself. What then of someone in your heart? Those you don’t  expect to hurt you but do so the most…and you honestly just want to kick them in the ass but can’t. Because you have to be civil, and understanding, and all other nonsense. Argh!

But the sad thing it’s not nonsense, how I wish it were. Everytime a million things run in my mind that I want to scream out but I don’t because well….I know its not right. And eating down anger in the name of understanding because you want this person in your life and not talking well, drains you.

The frustration. One minute your laughing, holding hands, playing then a single word and it all just changes. The dark skeleton. Expectations are crushed and without knowing you feel stabbed in the back and feel you had a hand in dealing your own sentence. Argh!

It gets easier I know. As you understand and learn the different characters but boy does it get on my last nerve!

All the same my little rantings aside, anyone with a solution please feel free… Lest I explode.


4 thoughts on “My little frustrations…

  1. Well, would it be worth it if it was easier? Why do people assume it would be easy? Food for thought.

    You’re right though. It does get frustrating. In my opinion you wouldn’t appreciate it if it was easy. That’s why it takes work. Even the happiest relationships have a lot of work invested in them so to speak. I Find some people have very interesting reasons for committing to relationships. For fun, towards marriage, they don’t wanna be lonely, everyone’s doing it, for sex,… I won’t judge. At the end of the day, are you committed, why are you committed in the relationship and what are you committing to? Then work your way from there. That way it becomes easier to expect and deal with the frustrations as well as the wonderful surprises.

    Nuff serious talk. That’s just my opinion. Hope things go well for you. All the best!

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    1. Thank you so much for your wise words. And it’s true people do have enough reasons. I’m not even sure what mine are. I guess cause he makes me happy, so happy and it feels so right that when I don’t expect to be angry or bored which I know does not make sense. But I am learning to wade through, one day at a time. And to speak up as well you know?

      Thank you so much though!


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