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Would you still love me?

If I told you

My greatest desire

My lifelong relationship goal,

My dream….

Would you still love me?

“I will wait for you” by Official P4CM Poet JANET…:

If I told you, I love you, but I love Him and would still like to do right by Him.. Would you understand? Would you feel the same way too, would we read from the same page? And even though I would probably be the first to fall, would you hold me together, remind me why we started, why we keep on? Would we still be?

If I told you…

If I let known to you, the corners of my mind, and how crippled I feel by the shadows of my past, the eyes of the crowd, the whispers of the wind, and yet blinded by the bright light of the future  and knowing that I need to reconcile them all if the me of now is to survive, if the me of now is to make sense of the life I lead.  If I let you in….Would you run? Out of shame turn your head?

If I….

If I, crazy I, adventurous I, who speaks of nothing else, knows nothing else, tell you that I want to stop or at least try… Would you feel cheated? Would you understand? Help me to it? Would you take this broken girl, who wants to do right and walk with her on this journey?  Or would you walk away? Would it be too much bear? And would you help me, us, find ways of making it work?

Would you?

If I …

If I told you…

Would you understand?

Would you stay?

Remain the same?

Become better?

If  I

If I told you…

Would you still love me?


14 thoughts on “Would you still love me?

  1. If I…..
    If I said I would,
    Would you believe me?
    If I said I would stay,
    Would you trust me with it all?
    If I said I would love you more,
    Would you…
    Would you love as I do you…

    But then if I …
    If I said it was too much,
    If I said I had more than you do,
    Would you be ready to hurry them with me,
    Would you accept to share your shame and mine,
    Would you bare your pain and mine,
    Would you carry me as I do you,
    Would you…

    Would you love me?
    Would you love me more than the fear you have?
    Would you love me as I love you?

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    1. Wow! Ras! Didn’t know you had this in you!

      But yes…

      If you said you would, knowing you, I would stay, after all what Is love , minus words, trust, honesty….

      If you said you would love me more, as Ruth, I would feel betrothed, kinsman redeemed and saved from shame. Shame, yes, shame, this state that has us lost… This word, we would take to the cross. After all in Him all is made new.

      If you told me your past, your fears, your pain, your all, I promise I would cry, for your pain would stab my heart, but your view would help me with mine. My mind would finally understand, why some things are as they are, why some things you say leave me astray. Your story, now ours, would finally make sense ….

      And for your honesty, your willingness to stay, your understanding and I of yours, your pain, your scars, my fears, my words, all this would draw us so near….

      And my love, I would love thee, till eternal, forever be.


      1. yeah i write sometimes… when inspired
        lovely piece you wrote speaks a lot….

        For this is what love should be,
        If we share our deepest fears,
        if we shared our most tearful past,
        if we shared our darkest pain,
        Then with love the future will be easier to bare,
        the past will dead and buried,
        For He died, not because of our past,
        but for our future,

        and what is love anyway,
        just a four letter word,
        that brightens the darkness,
        eases the pain,
        softens the hardest of hearts,
        Love is what HE showed us,
        Love is what we have for free,
        and with Love we will break free and smile again.

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  2. If I
    If I said I would
    Would you believe me?
    If I said I would stay,
    Would you run away,
    If I said I would love you more,
    Would you love me the way I do you?

    But If I…
    If i said it was too much,
    If I said I had much more than you did,
    If I said my own dark past and wrenching pain,
    Would you run,
    Would you share in my shame and yours,
    Would you bare your pain and mine,
    Would you burry all of it with me,
    Would you still want me to say yes?
    Would you accept my love
    And would you…
    Would you love me?
    Love me more that your fears and mine?
    Love me more than the pain and the past.
    Would still love me?
    Would you still want share in this love?

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  3. This is a loaded one. (Might end up being a lengthy reply pardon me)

    I cannot speak for every gent. Just myself.

    A few questions though, are you prepared for your partner’s response? Suppose your partner still loves you, accepts you as you are, stays and works with you, shares your ultimate goal, what next? Suppose your partner altogether stops loving you, judges you, doesn’t want to work with you, prefers to leave, doesn’t share your goals, what then?

    Ponder over that for a moment.

    What is love?
    Take a walk in my shoes for a bit?
    In my opinion, true love is unconditional. Be it Godly, fatherly or motherly, familial, marital, friendly…. All forms. Unconditional. Wholly accepting without judgement. Doesn’t mean people won’t make mistakes of course, but they will learn. Also one cannot love if they do not have love. You simply cannot share what you do not possess. Take a moment. Think about that.
    Do you possess love? Do you love yourself? Do you love others? Do you love God?

    Having covered that, acceptance and unity of purpose.
    Still in my shoes, if you truly love one another, you will accept one another fully. Past and present. So you might wanna ask yourself some of the questions too. Are you ready to fully accept your partner as they are? With all their flaws, shadows of your partners past, your partners insecurities -eyes of the world, your partner’s own judgement of themselves, exposure….? Are you willing to take time to understand? Would you understand just as you are willing to be understood?

    I will say this regarding that. We are the sum total of our experiences on earth. Thus several things may shock you perhaps, but if you do take time, most if not all things I believe are workable.

    Finally, unity of purpose.
    My shoes… I believe for every relationship to work there must be unity of purpose. A common goal. Hopefully one ultimate goal. Otherwise you will not really be working together but astray or against one another. The love may be there, acceptance too, but different goals and visions ultimately. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone is different. Are you ready for that? Both ways- united or divided in purpose. Are you ready to deal with either?

    Having said all that, shoes off now, do not worry. Be grateful in everything. Easier said than done perhaps. Take things lightly. Take a moment to breathe. Breathe…
    Appreciate. Live. Give thanks & see you are blessed.

    Many words… Many more unsaid…
    What do you think?

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    1. Taz…your words, loaded as usual, touch my heart.

      I like your shoes, quite wise. I have thought deep and hard about your questions and the answers, thank God, are clear. For the first time shinning a light unto my heart and they are clear.

      Before I step into my shoes, let me first say, that for a lady, this is tough, going to your partner, laying yourself bare, knowing that the response you might get can and will crush you. Knowing that with such, you shed light on whether you are correctly aligned. It might just mean a broken heart. So most don’t speak, they would rather stay in their insecurities than speak up to be judged by the ones they love. Sad but true.

      Back to the questions, yes love is unconditional, and yes you can’t give what you don’t have and yes many are broken out there and it constitutes a whole lot of understanding. A whole lot of self love and the assurance that you are worth loving.

      My love, my love stems from God Himself, without Him, for sure I would be nowhere. And how I love that. How I love Him. He took His time to mold me,heal me and I seek only to please Him. And a man who’ll support me in this is priceless.

      Girl that I am, I tiptoe around this topic, and in the last few, finally allowed myself to give in, to write first and then to directly ask, and that’s all I needed, to ask.

      And boy was I surprised at the answers. But I am happy, ever so happy, that I chose to first give in to His will and 2. To simply just voice my questions.

      And yes….I do need to breathe, hehe, don’t you agree? I tend to analyze all, critic all, but now I breathe, and smile and let go…

      Life can’t be a series of questions after all, can it? And now that my vital ones have been answered and my relationship redefined, I can smile. I can live. I can breathe 😊😊😋😋


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