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Dear Dad,

I don’t understand you, to be honest I do not get you.

Why you would beat up your child for doing something good, for being too good in something in the name of they are lying to you.. I mean is it so hard to believe that your seed can do something worthwhile?

I mean why would you for years berate your own calling them not too intelligent or saying their minds are wired for everything but what they honestly seek to do. Why would you call your child a fool and lazy? Yet expect results at the end of the year? All in the name of I want to be honest with my child n I think they are better for humanities than for sciences? I mean,  are you God to have preordained what we ought to be? And what we ourselves want, you dim too high, for us to achieve?

Why dad? Why would you want us to always prove ourselves? Why would you never believe in us? Yet you say those of out there are really doing well!

I mean, dad, what is wrong with you? Or with us?

What is it you want? Or what do you seek? Or should we always lie so that you can take it as truth? Cause to be honest, you always believe the lie. And when we come to you for help, sometimes push us away..  then complain that you feel left out? And alone?

Who would want association with someone who always sees or seeks the worst in you?

True. Sometimes you change, sometimes your calm. Most times all is well. And in those times, the grievances of the past, well in those times they fly past…then this happens, then you happen, and all the scars, old and new are reaped apart…just when we begin to trust you, to love you without question or fear again.

I don’t understand you. I know I am meant to honor you but I dont understand you. Maybe someone out there does.

Help me elucidate the man that is you.

Hurtfully yours

(Your crying child,

whose blood is flowing from the punch that you threw,

whose heart is broken, by your actions so vile,

Whose dreams you’ve crushed solely by your mistrust )



7 thoughts on “Dear Dad,

  1. It is really insensitive that those that gave birth to us can sometimes be the ones who hurt us the most and especially by not believing in us..not encouraging us and being our last fan instead of first.
    Great post sweetheart

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