Thank you.

I’ve been away lately, I know, I’m sorry.

I have exams coming up that are keeping me busy and my projects are also catching up fast. Please pray for me if you believe in Prayer. This exams are no joke. End of fourth year medicine.

All the same, I haven’t forgotten about you my friends and because of that I want to introduce a close friend of mine and a great poet, and the guest author of today.. Linnette Muga.

She is a great woman, blessed and loved by the Lord and she said wrote a beautiful piece that I thought it wise to share with you.

So from her heart and mine to you all,

Thank you!!!
By Linnette Muga

Allow me,If I may
Lọrd,On this day
I want to say
Thank you..Yes Thank you

Thank you for provision,
Despite my bad decision.
Thank you for protection,
Despite my lack of daily confession
That for You alone I will live,
That in You I will forever believe.

Lord,thank you for Your blood,
That rescued me when I faced the flood.
You calmed the storm.
Kept me warm through the cold,
In your arms,it is I you hold.
Allow me if I may,
To say this day,
Thank you.

When I was filled with shame,
Lord you took away the blame
Changed everything for the better
Especially when my heart was oh so bitter
Thank you because all things work together for good,
Thank you because you never sleep nor tire
You are there to listen to my heart’s desire
Lord God
To you I am forever grateful
Because of You today I a hopeful.

Allow me,if I may
On this day,today
To only say
Thank you




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