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Hold me, please


I dont know how to say this …so I’ll say it in a song ..

I need you to hold me.


For all girls or guys like me out there for whom touch is essential, I just come out to say I feel you. Only, I dont know how to express it.

To somehow say it so that it stops seeming needy, or touchy feely but for it to be known that it’s just that -a need.

I hope I’ll find the words.

The playing hands, the hug across my waist, the tickling itchy fingers, the palm across the thigh, the heat when you seat next to me.

I’m not talking about sex or making love as I know the video alludes to that. But simply that human touch to remind me it’s all real.


To my lovely readers,

I love you. My posts have reduced of late and the healthy Wednesdays and Holy Friday posts have all suffered greatly. I am currently having my exams and they are taking their toll. But just two more weeks and I’ll be done. And then we will write and read and laugh and learn and read some more.

I hope all is well with you and I am looking forward to coming back to see what you’ve been Upto. The last two posts have been sensitive. *blush*
A slight outpouring of my heart but I’ll be back with more informative and inspiring stuff.

Keep me in your prayers darlings. And God bless you all.




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