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believe 2

She started the year with a sigh of relief, after all the relationship buggages that surrounded the last two months of the previous year and a break up that just wouldn’t end, Alice could not wait to begin school! Crazy? Yes! insanity?Most certainly! but she was ecstatic and determined. After three years of constantly been saved by the whisker and seeing C’s in her transcript, she wanted to make a change. She wanted to do better for herself and she desired with all her little might, a distinction.

From a C to an A? in Med school? how? She asked herself. but she didn’t care, she would work for it  anyway. For the first time since high school she would attend all her classes in a semester, she would actually read before the lecturer came in. She would prepare for her exams months in advance, and she would join the right kind of individuals, the right kind of discussions. it wasn’t about just passing anymore, it was about becoming a doctor, an honorary one, it was about giving it her all and if that meant going to the ward till 2am, resuscitating babies and helping mothers deliver she would do it and with one heart.

believe believe

Well, people fall and so did she and times came when she had no idea what was going on in a lecture simply because she wasn’t there to begin with, but she rose time and again. Assessments came that she had passes and her heart would sink but like a phoenix from the ashes, she rose again. her distinction would come. When her first assessment came in with a distinction mark she was beyond herself. Calling everyone and showing all she believed mattered, It was possible! it actually was! Her joy knew no bounds, her faith lifted to new heights and the timing, the timing could not have been more perfect; a week to her year’s final!

Her final exams are over now and she is not sure how she performed, not even sure of how well she did, or  if that distinction will come her way but she has learnt one important thing, one brave lesson. That you are only as good as you believe. you are only as powerful as you see yourself,only as amazing as you view yourself and there are so many inspirational books that talk of mirrors and mantras because only few have realised that. You are your own worst enemy and your own best friend and it did not matter how much her mother believed in her if she did not believe it herself then it was no use.

No matter how the results came out and we all do cross her fingers for her, Faith and self image is all that mattered. and knowing that no matter what God had her back covered, held her hand through it. And with Him all things were possible. She just had to ask, and you cant ask if you don’t think you will receive.


As for you my dear one, remember that you are only as big as your smallest dream and only achieve as much as you allow your mind  to, so dream big, very big, allow your mind to work with God and the universe to achieve even those things you thought unimaginable. It is possible and achievable, you just have to believe long and hard to just see it, almost smell it, your light at the end of the tunnel, believe enough to work for it and you will achieve it.

believe in yourseelf


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