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Good Morning my dear one, as I marvel at the beautiful sunrise today and thank God for the gift of  early rising and juust rising in itself I cannot help but glorify Him for this land that I call home. A land so peaceful, so dynamic and with a culture so great I am simply left left breath taking.

I had hoped to share quite the provoking video with you all yesternight but I seem to have a problem uploading it but not to worry though because the Good Lord blessed me with many words.

I happened to glance over the news section on Google when I searched for Kenya yesterday and what I saw was pertubing. I wondered what you weren’t Kenyans would think.

News of terror and corruption filled my first page and only one site talked of how as a country through PMTCT ( Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) have managed halve the HIV transmission rate in the country.  But you don’t know that do you?

Watch “Roger Whittaker – My Land Is Kenya on YouTube

You see Kenya is more than just Maasai and more than just wild beasts, it’s more than even athletics although they make us so so proud! And we love them so much especially for their hard work this week. Kenya is more than just corruption and more than all this court cases and violence. We hardly even see violence. It disturbs me when someone is lynched on the street and it can only disturb me because it is business unusual.

Kenya is a rich country, full of diverse people, diverse cultures and such amazing souls.
I could tell you about the sceneries and I could tell you about the places to visit, our factories, our local produce, our many innovations, our economic feats, our health feats and how much growth we have seen in the past decade alone. Not just in terms of infrastructure but also in mind as more and more of our people get formal education and still have that inherent traditions and norms and standards that make us so richly African and Kenyan.

I could tell you how we have been able to reduce infant mortality rates, averted more and more maternal deaths, almost eradicated polio and measles has reduced, malaria, HIV and all such moribidities.

How our sports are doing well, come to Cricket, come to Rugby, our beloved athletes and soccer players, women and men’s volleyball teams, swim team, chess, indoor tennis the list is endless.

But It is the very heart of Kenyans that amazes me, the different tribes and different character traits attached to them yet still living cohesively, the huge buildings springing up and knowing that most are owned or co-owned by our fellow men. The hearts willing to work hard and achieve that have become a force to reckon with anywhere they go. It is a common saying that if you can make it in Nairobi you can make it anywhere. And it’s true because the competition is amazing! It forces you to go out of your way to achieve and when you do its something else.

Kenyans despite their differences are proud, proud of their nation when they are not bickering on needing or wanting this or that. You do not insult a Kenyan and they take it lightly. Never mind the fact that they self criticize and criticize the government and all that.

And that criticism is what I plead with us Kenyans to spread the right Word, protect our land, protect home. Share the right picture with the world, you know?

Our opposition, much as you want so much to oppose the government, speak the good as well, our beloved media, much as we love sharing what has gone wrong, embrace what is going right.

Preach the right word and God bless our beloved country.

My readers, not from this beloved country, welcome to a land of hope, a land of peace, a hot bed of prosperity, innovation, creativity, laughter and diversity.




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