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The Mother’s grief :|


Ever wondered how it feels to lose a child? Especially as a mother, a Father, a family ? Ever attended a funeral and seen mothers lose their strength to even stand? Ever been in such a situation? If you have I am truly truly sorry for your loss.

Would you now pretend that you are mother with a knife in hand stabbing your own child? Killing them? Can you imagine such a vile act? Then can you imagine someone telling you you have to or they will end your life, and that of your family and everyone and anything else you love. And you have to think of it as a small sacrifice to the greater good of many. Can you imagine how much your hands would tremble, shaking as you look away and make your first thrust at your own flesh and blood and someone behind you clapping his hands for you.

“It will only be a few minutes longer, dont worry, the pain will be minimal”

Can you imagine hearing the sound of your child cry, and being told no one would know and the shame you feel walking away trying to convince your self that all is well. That you had saved your whole family from sheer death and that all will be well.. as blood flows flows down your hand ….blood you know belongs to your child and that you are not allowed to grieve, I mean why grieve? You took the child’s life did you not ? It was your doing was it not? And the bigger person he who forced you to do it and cheered you on now shunning you for being a murderer.

The world has become like that…forcing young girls openly to abort their children…

Their reasons resound

“My father Will kill me..”
“What will society say…”
“My boyfriend told me to…”
” What of school?..”

Pressures that have nothing to do with the child but thrust upon the girl anyway.

As you seat with your phone and remembered how Many times you have scorned girls who have aborted …please stop to think _ what mother wants to kill their child..? Which mother ever feels joy at the prospect of living forever without their babies .. can you sit and imagine her on that bed, knees folded ,with tears running across her eyes as she contemplates what she will do..

    It used to be abortion is it’s why don’t you abort? I mean it only makes sense , think about it? No one will know..and you can continue with school afterwards…just twenty, thirty minutes and it is done. It won’t be painful… I know a friend who’s done it ..just go through with it”

Then months later whispers among the corridors.

We are shunning those who are brave and confident to keep their children, isolating them, calling them irresponsible yet …Yet they battle each day with what they had done. And the consequence…the baby they are carrying. For most, the father is quick to run..I will help you abort if you keep it thats your choice.

How I weep for all that! My heart cries out in anguish for all the mothers who never got to hold their children, who had to give them up and in the worst way possible, who every day it plagues them and they don’t know whom to turn to.

I cry in anguish as I imagine what you are going through. Grieve for you must  it’s the only way to move on. Give them names, have a symbolic burial ceremony but most of all repent and forgive yourself. The Lord shall forgive you.

For those chased out of home, looked down upon by their families and struggling to fight for their unborn and having to bring them to life all alone, no husband, no family, just that one friend who stuck with you till the end, for those who lost their names, their reputations for keeping their children…I salute you! You are brave and you are amazing!! And for what you have done you shall be blessed beyond measure. You may lack food now but more is coming and will overflow .. you are not alone. You are never alone.

And for the men who stick around, no matter what …May the Lord bless your soul and may He bless you indeed.




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