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What it is ? A long lasting healthy relationship where no matter the distances or the pauses when you meet and still connect.

One built on trust, on love, caring for one another, helping each other grow wholly in all areas and being real enough to tell them they don’t look so attractive in something but kind and gentle enough that they don’t feel like fools or less of people.

What it’s not?

A bunch of Lies, cliques and sororities, founded on background and beauty or brains in some cases, fashion or fun or whatever it is you think binds you together….where you sit and gossip about other members when they are not there.  Calling them hoes or whatever name you accrue and cursing them to the ground then immediately talk about one amongst you as soon as you see they are not within ear shot. 

Its not about fake smiles and play pretend on how close you are or how you connect yet  when one Is need you are nowhere to be seen. And it’s definitely not about stealing someone’s partner no matter who started it.

Lets be real. Are you a true friend? I have not entirely been one. In fact I have failed but in my failure I have realised the meaning of this thing we all think we have till reality hits you …it was never there in the first place.




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