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Love :)

Love is astonishing. It can build you and mould you- if you let it. It can also be the cause of a lot pain and anger if you do not. You can long so much for it yet in your anger fail to take hold of it. Love is amazing, excellent even. Yet most do not see it for their eyes are blinded.


Love is astonishing

Most people think that love is found in the arms of another man-the lady of your choice, the man of your dreams yet this is not so. Before they entered your world they were humans too. People who have made their own mistakes and who have gone through many painful experiences, people who have their own pride and sometimes  insummable egos. Yet on this do we place our whole lives, hopes and dreams on. As all men they are bound to err. To crush you by words and deeds and sometimes even without their knowledge may make you feel not only inferior but also unlovable.

True love if you ask me is the Love deep within. For how do you love another soul if you don’t love your own. It’s impossible.

For how do you love another soul if you don’t love your own

The Bible is quite clear , Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbour as you love yourself (Luke 10:27)

The love of Lord is perfect. And the joy in Him is simply everything. It washes away all fear all insecurities all pain. And yes it makes it easier to truly love ourselves. In Him we begin to look at ourselves as He does us. And what a great vision that is. And whatever lies we have been told or have told ourselves about ourselves and our perceived shortcomings begin to fall off.  It teaches us that everything is possible, that we can do all things through Him who is in us. And we begin to love ourselves, accept ourselves. We become whole.

Which brings me to my second point, love of self … do you really love yourself? Or do you expect someone else to come heal you. Accept you when you don’t accept yourself. Is that not just a gateway to hurting both you and that other person?  Broken people attract broken people who then break each other further and the vicious cycle continues.

My advice…take your time heal. To Live. To Love. Love yourself so deeply  that no one’s words can harm you and constructive criticism is taken as that and not as an attack.  Be comfortable with your mirror. No makeup, no nothing and just appreciate yourself.  Face those things that make you not like yourself and slowly deal with them.  Read books, read widely. I recommend You can heal yourself by Louise Hay. It was my starting point. Get in touch with God, with Your Bible, with good music. Grow.

Whether in a relationship or not realise that your relationship with God and with yourself are more important. So the next time you find yourself arguing or fighting with your partner, listen.  Who are you angrier with, or what is it that has really upset you? And once you deal with whatever it is that really hurts you will see the situation look a little better, for in most cases recurrent arguments really signify things that we don’t like in ourselves.

And when love comes your way, you will know and you will be ready. And it will be better, magic even, because you already know what it is to love and your heart would be a well of it.





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