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Church in a foreign land :))

Hey beautiful people,

It’s Sunday and I’m happy, so so happy my heart feels overwhelmed.

I travelled to India recently, and I am so happy, the foods are not as bad as I expected, they are not too hot just the right amount of spicy. Sometimes they overdo it but then it’s okay. It reminds you its a different place.

The people are friendly and they are so excited to see us, each day someone asks to take selfies with us hehe.

But the one place I did not think I would find was a church and today I found one. In fact it found me. Right where we live there’s what they call a party hall, and as we waited in the lounge to just chill and wait for our cabs to go to the  amusement park, we heard such beautiful mellow music. And so warm and heart warming.  It could only be worship someone mentioned.

So out of pure impulse, I up and climbed those stairs to first floor. It was awkward cause I met with Indian and I am the only different person. The music Is worship yes, but it’s in tamal or something close to that.

So I ask them if it’s in English and they agreed. Then one man saw I looked confused 😀 and he comes and explains that it’s a memorial ceremony.

Apparently, they hold a ceremony on the first anniversary as a memorial service for them to remember and pray for the dead soul. With prayers and Bible reading and all that. He invites me in, says that it’s for his father in law and he would be happy if I could join them.

I enter and it’s a worship session…and they are singing with such joy and happiness.I don’t understand much but I am happy and I feel at home. I sit at a corner near the door cause I know I need to leave soon, lest I be left by my classmates.

They have a translator and he calls someone to read the Bible. It’s the book of Ezekiel that much I am sure of but the rest is in Tamal or whatever the language Is. But all of them listen so keenly. He sits down after reading clearly content in his heart.

The translator wakes up to thank him and apologizes for those who can’t hear. He says that he will try and translate the preaching for those who can’t hear. 

He calls a lady to come pray and the lady is so small. But she prays with all heart and in the middle speaks in tongues. I know because I speak it too. I remember how in those first days Paul had said that speaking in tongues was to identify the Christians…” And others shall hear you and they shall marvel and know you belong to the Lord ” and I smile 2000 years later it still does too.

Before that, the son in law comes to me and asks me to join the rest of the congregation and not sit alone. I tell him I am leaving soon and Its better here. He insists and someone says they will sit with me. I hardly notice them. I am listening to this lady singing and praying with all her heart. This gentleman who offers to sit with me tries to start a conversation. I am not about that vibe. I refocus on the lady.

She’s saying hallelujah and continuing to pray in that musical language. I can’t stop smiling. I feel so full.

My phone beeps. Its time to leave. I wake up and walk towards the door. Stopping to bow at the altar.

It was a short stay for me. But it was worth it.

Sunday made.




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