Church in a foreign land 2:))

Communion of believers

It’s about 8:13 am as I begin to write this and I have not slept a wink since yesterday. Not that my day yesterday was not tiring but I applied nail polish yesternight right before bed and while I waited for it to dry decided to try out a new series,blind spot.

Fast forward hours later, it’s 4am and I know beyond no reasonable doubt that I should I close my eyes I shall not make it for the 10:30 mass. So I decide to watch another episode and go for the 6:30am mass. It’s something I have never done before. Go for such an early mass that is. And also travel in this new city alone. I just kept saying my Lord shall provide and cover me.

Mass was beautiful. (Yes I didn’t get too lost and the cab ride was peaceful and calm …there’s just something calming about 6am and I love it)

This Infant Church Jesus was smaller than the one I went to last week but closer. And so so beautiful. The ambience was just that of peace and serenity. There were no special seats or benches not even the pew to kneel on but the people’s hearts were so full of love. At that early morning,I was surprised to find so many people. The fact that it was raining and quite heavily did not seem to deter people.

The Priest talked of the end of the world and not in the sense of we need to repent and all that.. But of course the very mention of that sends some of us to a panic. He said something so profound.

What is time? Some describe it as measured moments, but if you could measure the moments that have truly happened then you can know the beginning and the end of time. But it’s impossible.

I listened to his words so keenly and for once I was in a church where I could kneel and even be prostate on the floor felt so nice. Like I was giving God the reverence He deserves, commands even.

And of course there is the bowing to show sign of peace…Last Sunday we went shaking people’s hands and they were so confused. 🙂

My highlight however was confession.

Allow me to write that in a post of its own.. for it has truly impacted my heart




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