India, mother of all chicken meals

Hey hey hey,

Well I’ve been in India in a while, Tamil Nadu to be precise and it struck me I have not written about it’s meals and boy are they many! It’s considered rude to not appreciate the cuisine of a country especially in a foreign land as it holds volumes of the culture of the nation.

Well …

Every day for the last three almost four  weeks I have had pretty much the same breakfast. Three slices of bread( pan fried), eggs and a tot of tea. I would have called it a shot but tot sounds better.

The first day they served us that tot of tea, we were so shocked. It was so little. In my homeland, tea is something that we produce and consume in volumes! So to put such little amounts we simply…didn’t get it! I remember we asked for four- five servings each. And e are thirty! Our hosts couldn’t help but laugh…but at least we laughed with them. Think I’ve gotten used to the tots now.. although they keep refilling our cups during breakfast so that could also be it.

On some days they serve something called a Purri and cowpeastew. Purri is like our mandazi only smaller and less meaty..


But its sweet and I actually do recommend it.

The one thing that has surprised me the most, is chicken. They eat chicken in every meal. Each and every meal! They have over twenty different ways to make chicken.

Chicken tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Chicken garlic, chicken ginger,Chicken Manchurian, Chicken fry, Chicken curry chicken Biryani, Chicken rice, I could go on and on. I remember the first time we ordered for chicken rice ..it literally was rice mixed with chicken and eggs.  It didn’t matter what you had ordered it came with a variant of chicken or eggs or both!

I gained 5kg in two weeks! 


Sample 1.

When you need a break there is mutton and fish too…but I am not a mutton fan.
The fish though is amazing! So is the chicken (which explains the 5kg hehe)

And yes it’s chilli but it’s nice.

The veg meals are lovely even for I who doesn’t like veg. But I miss miss miss green vegetables! They have no kales, no spinach, no managu, the closest I have heard not even seen is cabbage.
The idea of vegetables here are tomatoes and carrots and green capsicum and while yes they are vegetables ..at home… They just comprise as ONLY part of the meal. Not the whole meal. When I get home…. I want nothing else other than Ugali and Sukuma wiki(kales) and beef!!!! Oh my gosh beef ! Needless to say there’s no beef here! I miss Nyama choma!

Junk is actually more costly than healthy meals..Yaaaaay them!!👏👏👏👏

And drinking water is best bought as we are in the coastal region.

I worry though. After being in India for such a long time(feels like forever) my tongue is getting accustomed to the rich taste of Indian food. The spice, the variety of the same ingredient and just how well they cook. The portions they serve are also quite hefty (something at least we have in common. My pockets are also enjoying just how pocket friendly the meals are. I wonder how my taste buds will react at home. Will I need to add more curry to my food? Will it taste bland or will it be the joy of home?

The other day I was homesick and daddy joked that I should buy maize and beans and make a plate of githeri. N though at home that would not happen I actually am willing to while here.

All the same…if there’s one thing that India has taught me is that there are many ways to kill a rat or fry a chicken. Just depends on how you like it.




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