Stranded. #1

What do you do? When you wake up early in the morning, happy excited and feeling alive., crazy excited for the day ahead. Then slowly watch as the morning turns to evening which trickles to days and you can’t move ? Or if you can you simply would rather not?

It’s early morning on a Monday and after a weekend of moving hotels and visiting an amusement park I am excited, elated even to go back to school. You know when you have had such a chilled,  relaxed weekend and you feel ready to conquer the world? Yes, that’s the feeling reverberating through me on this beautiful, amazing, self proclaimed day! It is mine and I will reap the most out of it! 

School turns out to be amazing! I’m in a new rotation, internal medicine one that seems to be slowly, steadily creeping it’s way into my heart. We’ve made a rendezvous with an amazing Doctor, who albeit, a busy schedule, really is taking his time to explain everything.  I have diagnosed a case from observation only, a case I had read about two years ago and there’s a shimmering possibility of a chance to observe a Transplant the very next day!

It’s started raining but i think nothing much of it. I mean it rains every other day here. Always on cue. Every Sunday evening and Monday afternoon. So hey.

Fast forward and it’s Tuesday morning, my cab is fifteen minutes away and I have bantu knots all over my head. Knowing the next cab is coming I let someone else take my place ..our rotations had only be the first to arrive.

I am ready now but no cabs. They’ve been cancelling one after the other. Immediately, I smell trouble, sense it. The last time this happened, we were stuck in doors for three days.  I mean it’s among the reasons why we were moving hotels after all. For the very reason I tense, I relax, it’s happened before, there’s a pattern,  all will be fine. The water level is only mid leg high anyway 🙂

Picking a novel, I cuddle in bed, lazing comfortably as the rains keep pouring, it’s so comfortable and relaxing. You hardly remember that it’s been raining for hours now. My bantu knots by this time, have been redone and I look quite the African Princess or so I tell myself 😂

It’s four o’clock and my rotation mates are still not back, we worry of their safety, it really floods in Perumbakam. Luckily, the guys get them a cab, they are real gentlemen, these classmates of ours letting the ladies go home first even as they remain in the rain with no assurance of safety. The ladies safely home, the cab goes back for the gents.

Room after room order food from Thalapakattu and nestle in for the evening. The gates of heaven are still open and the waters are still pouring. We, however, take no note of them, comfortable in our rooms and walking into one room or the other, listening to music and laughing.  No matter that the food we ordered for at 4:30-5:00pm is getting to us at 8:30pm.

Some of us, however, had waited till the usual 6:00 to make the order and thalapakattu told us smack that they had closed home delivery. It was 6:00pm Ai! We hadn’t expected such. Looking outside though, it was a no brainer as to why.

A few brave colleagues decide to go to the mall. We give them all our orders. Including drinks,corn flakes, and snacks of all kinds. Apparently stocking up for the next day. It took an excruciating 2 hours to book a cab and then another half for the cab to get to us. Three guys and one lady left, in their hands what we hoped would keep us for a while.

Barely an hour later, they call us. They are stuck on the way to Phoenix mall and they ask us to pray. The mini cab they had gotten is spoilt and the boys are apparently pushing it. We start praying. Each silently, hoping they are fine.

At 9:30pm, the receptionist comes to us bearing gifts, candles, and an announcement that they’ll be no electricity from 10:00 till 10:30am the next day owing to the rising water levels and that their electricity cables are somewhere downstairs and quickly being submerged. We all don’t flinch, it sounds so logical. We all understand how much of a health hazard electricity in the presence of water is.

I run to charge my phone, then discover how much of a poor charger my phone has. In the last minutes of hope, it only charges a meager 12%. Argh.

All the same, lights go, and a suggestion of candle lit dinner/party made. Our friends are not back yet, and all calls to them are unanswereed or met with either a busy or unavailable tone.  Of course, we’ll wait for them. But I wonder where they are. How they are fairing. The rains have been unrelenting again and there are no visible cars on the road.

Then as if on cue, there’s a buzz of activities, a myriad of excitement, worship songs or is it Praise? And everyone buzzing into one room. They’re back! And they are wet! They look victorious as if they have won some battle. \°/ and they have. They had actually waded through the water for almost 4km while being rained on! We hardly believe them. To be honest.

Then as they recount the tales of their night, under the glow of the candle and the sheer heat of about thirty souls in one room and no A/C we start to believe. They tell us of how there were no cabs and the sheer force of water so powerful it was pushing them to the ground. And of the “helpful” locals more interested in groping the lady than anything else. Its almost unimaginable. One thing’s for sure though. They’re the real MVP’S.

The whole scenery is so lovely though.  It’s cosy. Warm even. For once, our phones aren’t in our way and we get to sit first as a room and bond and then as a group(although the latter happened often )

With our phones still on, we dance, sing, and laugh as we silently hope the waters go down.  There are all a lot of plans for this week.

It’s almost 2am and it still raining, it’s slowly becoming clear that we shall be indoors for at least another day. One among us casually breaks the news that there had been talks of a Cyclops coming and at the back of my mind I remember reading an article in the hospital a few days back on Chennai Times  of an interview on a famous (in this region ) weather news anchor who when asked of possible weather had talked of the Monsoon winds moving South East and possible early rains. I laugh. That news had sounded so insignificant at the time. So much so that I did not even finish the article.

Its night time though and there’s hope for tomorrow. Snuggling into bed, at almost 4, I turn in for the night. It would be a crime to not use this rain for something, after all everyone knows how good a slumber is when lulled by rain. Tomorrow will be better 🙂




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