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Teach me to love

Teach me to love, with all my heart and soul, respectful and true, unsmothering and free. Teach me to love as you would have me love Father.

Teach me to love my work, never above you, but always for you, my writing, my speech, my all to bring honour to you, bring your flock back home to you.
Teach me to love my work as a calling not a job Father, like your mission/ministry was to you.

Teach me to love them like you Do. All the patients that I see, their families that accompany them, help me see them as more than just routine. Teach me to listen with my heart and my mind. And to diagnose what ails them Lord. Use me as your vessel to them.

Teach me to Love Lord,
Love you with my all, my King, my All, my Alpha and Omega, my Ebenezer, teach me to love you Lord, as you would love me to. To give thanks as it blesses your heart, to worship in Spirit and in truth, to give all that I have even when I fall, and to know I am yours first and You are mine.

Teach me to love them Lord,

Mum and Dad

My brothers, my sisters

Him that I call mine 🙂

My close friends, my not so close friends

My classmates, my church mates,

My enemies and foes

My readers, my colleagues

Teach me to love them Lord

But most of all Lord,

Teach me to Love Me. That I may know what true love is.

Yours and forever…




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