Blogger recognition award!!

Hey family😊😊😊

You will not believe😊😊 I have been nominated for the blogger recognition award!!!! I am so elated! The doer of this good deed happens to be none other than writingblissfully to whom I pass my sincere gratitude! Please check the blog out. You will love it.

Now the rules of the game…

1.Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you
2.Tell how your blog got started
3.Give advice to new bloggers 4.Nominate 15 bloggers and their blogs for the award

This should be fun!! N beware I am a talker so you may hear a bit of a tinsy winsy mouthful

The beautiful soul who nominated me can be found through here… Writingblissfully

2. How my blog got started?

My blogging history is funny. I started from and at the time it was just somewhere to put my writings on. Then my sweetheart then a friend, introduced me to WordPress. And through reader I found that I can actually learn loads and there’s an actual following and it became more serious though at times I do fall back to making it an open journal…something I am working on🙈

3. Blogging is an art and can take many forms, some blogs share photography, others writing, others poetry, others are now factual.. it is your world you weave it as you deem fit.

I would encourage new bloggers to please enroll to bloggers university. With Blogging101, writing 101 and to engage with other bloggers as well.  The Bloggers university registration should be found on the Word press notification bar. If I’m not wrong.

Kindly check out the following blogs You may find them interesting..

1. Simply Marquessa
2. Randomness and Intricacy
3. Shadow of Iris
4. My Red Page
5. angagagelix
6. Chic and Legal
7. Loveanagirl’s blog
8. Red Hot Chilli Mother
9. Sir Danny Kimz
10.Adventures of Auntie M

Thank you once again and I hope you enjoy their reads as much as I do





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