Family · Outflow from my heart




Home is not  a house built on rocks, mount on soil and anchored in place. Its not a place that you travel to when Easter comes or Christmas or spring break. Its not where your legs go every day after a tiring day.            

Home is a state, of mind, of heart, of peace. Its where you run when everything fails and you need rest, its what you crave when all else makes little sense. Its that call, that loving hug, that warm embrace from your parents love, its that cover that no matter what, they have your back and will protect your soul.

its those eyes that i look up to when i’m feeling low, its that laugh that touches my heart when i hear it’s sound , its the loving way i feel safe in your embrace, its that cute wrinkle that smiles at me  when you say hi, it’s the  joy i feel  when you look at me and call me angel, its the simple way my heart agrees when you say you love me.




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