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Day 3: What’s So Special about virginity?

“What’s so special about virginity? What’s so good about it? All virgins I know are prudes, holy Joe’s and honestly down right self-righteous or just ugly.” Said the one who lost their own and want to lead someone else down that terrible path.

But frankly, what is so special about it? Do you imagine your wedding night, where you and your significant other have just toasted to champagne and you are both seated on the edge of the bed thinking, “my Good God, here we are after all these years of waiting, will I know what to do, will she?” And the husband, takes hold of his bride carrying her in his arms, telling her “baby I have saved myself for you, knowing there was none more precious and I want to give you this gift of me because I love you and loved you enough to wait for you” I would, I don’t know, melt to smitherins. For starters, this is my very own husband, who loves me with all his heart and I know for certain he loves me for me, not for my body, but for me, I mean he married me, without ever compromising my relationship with God and with myself, and to be able to give him the same gift, that of my pure body, to be united in Love and before God. OH what I wouldn’t give!

But Marriage and even sex is more than just that, I mean getting married just to partake of sex is rather dumb don’t you think? I mean what if you don’t like it? What if he’s not or she’s not..? I am currently reading a book, named aptly the Sacredness of Sex, by Edwin Louise Cole

A book I recommend for anyone to read and one that is giving me enlightenment on Sex as a whole.


Well for one SEX IS GOOD, it was created GOOD and remains GOOD. It has been designed by God to be the physical manifestation of an inner covenant of love, commitment and trust and has been perverted by the Devil/ Satan, to become perverse, I remember a verse that says that he who commits sexual immorality commits the greatest sin because they sin against their own body, and cut themselves of from God. Sex before marriage or outside the contest of marriage i.e fornication or adultery is not an act of love, but an act of Lust. Lust serves self. I want you and I get you but it is to serve my own sexual gratification. How often have we as girls heard that “if you love me so much you would give yourself to me” or as guys how many times have you heard that “Don’t you love me? What kind of a man refuses to have sex with a girl whom he loves?” How many times have you been ridiculed instead of respected for being the only virgin in the group? Mocked by your mates because of the same?


Virginity is good, it’s NOT a waste of time, it’s not a waste of years that you would have spent having sex, its sacred. It’s a period of learning, a period of growth and of serving God with your Life, it’s a period of waiting for that right man or lady to come before God and have you in marriage. It is rare now but it is Precious as ever, and being virgin means that you are how God wanted you to be, in that Glorified state and wholly as is. You will receive criticism yes, but that’s because you pose a threat and the devil wants to bring you down but despair not, because you are precious to God and many who want to uphold the same purity.


“When a man and a woman get married as virgins and have their first intimate experience, and her hymen is broken, it causes the shedding of blood which then flows over his part. To God it is a sign that they have entered into a sacred relationship with a blood covenant which is symbolic of entering into a sacred covenant relationship with God in Christ by the shedding of His blood. The shedding of blood is the symbol of the covenant a husband and wife have entered into together, first in heart, then in body. It’s an external evidence of an internal work”


And breaking your virginity on your marriage bed is a gift, a covenant, of BLOOD, between you and your husband. Just like circumcision is a blood covenant between God and Abraham, or Jesus’ death on the cross is a blood covenant between you and Him to bring you closer to God, that’s how precious sex and virginity is. It’s a Covenant. It is almost the most intimate act shared between a man and a woman. That’s why it is worth the wait.

But Sometimes…you’re already deep in it. You’re no longer a virgin …so what next? Does that mean your marriage will fail? That you’re on a straight path straight to hell? Well; No.


While you will never regain your hymen and men you will never take back the first time; you can always regain that place of purity through prayer and sacrifice and of course abstinence. Our God really is a God of Mercy. He knew it would be hard but He placed in us His Spirit and in us His Word and the grace to rely on Him even when you fall.

So Virgins out there we salute you! Primary or secondary and we stand as one to say we are proud and walking the same walk. You are special.







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