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Tempting Pornography

Porn .porn darling porn…..gosh! You got scared right? That I was writing a love poem to it yeah? How vile can you be? Writing about it


For starters, I think people are funny …treating the thought and visualisation sex aso the worst crime on earth then praising the act porn and what it does to families should be among the reasons that support why extramarital sex is bad if you think about it logically. Like if you so openly condemn porn then please do so for sex as well….cause what you see is what you do and what you do is what you become.

I deviate that was not my intent when I began writing this post.

Ever thought of why porn is so addictive or even more so just tempting?….that guilty pleasure of going into a secret place or a super silent mode and watching women or men do what they do and just picturing it and fapping or whatever else you do there. fatalattractiondblframe

I learnt something life changing the other day and it just blessed my heart totally and completely. That seeking out pornography is seeking out intimacy…common sense yeah? Yeah? That why you hide in that corner of your bed or under the covers or switch desktop sites in the office every time you hear a sound is that you long for some sort of connection…a sign that something is missing in your life. Again common sense yeah? Here’s the not so common sense.

The longing for intimacy is placed in your heart and it’s to seek out intimacy with those whom you love but more than that is to seek out that longing with God. I wrote in a previous post that the devil takes good things and perverts it, like love for lust and intimacy this beautiful thing called intimacy for pornography.  But it’s not the right kind of intimacy and that is why it breeds such anger and contempt and such shame. And not just hard porn but even in writing. It’s all the same.

I will be honest and say that at times when fighting with my love or when feeling solid low and I am not in the house I will just find myself feeling like I should watch and the days I give in I feel so sick and so disgusted. It’s one of the most hurting things and I feel so hollow. And I am not really an addict, I can hardly even spend ten minutes in one site but still.


So what happens when you find yourself in such…I realised that I can just pray. Or put Worship…or distract myself but mostly really just pray . It’s difficult to pray then watch porn. And praying leaves you feeling even better. You know? So if that feeling hits me, my mind knows I am longing for intimacy and I run to He who only can satisfy me…God.

Found a link that might help if you need to stop…it’s not exactly Biblical but I found it  practical. Find the link Here



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