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The struggle

Good God! If I ever needed you…it’s today.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days ever in this journey of mine. Woke up feeling literally kissy; which simply means that my tongue, my mouth, my mind wanted nothing else. It was such a struggle even thinking straight.

I battled and fought. Thank God my baby was working and I chose simply not to tell him about it. I confided in my close friend who is keeping me accountable and she laughed with me, then got my mind back on track. Reminded me that I needed to make up my mind and remain firm in my decision. That will lasted me about 3hours lol and I finally told my baby who calmly told me that he loved me and missed me but “his baby needed to study.” I was so furious but thankful for his tact and his open refusal to just come lol.


Slowly, the desire dissipated and as I had been rightly reminded, I focused on school again.  I made sure to avoid anything that would deter my mind filling my time with studies and work  so much that I completely forgot. Well ..until today morning when the bout hit home hard!

I joked about it with bae but again he was stronger and reminded me of our schedule for the day; something I thank God for. I filled the house with a lot of worship music and prepared my mind for the conference.

I found that start starting the day in prayer actually makes the journey easier and maintaining the prayers gives me purpose intent. I find my mind now focused on things that are for good (something I totally appreciate.)


So no heavy philosophy today but a breather to say I made it! 😊😊😊😊 The little joys of little victories.


Yours in Purity




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