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No more contraceptionšŸ˜“šŸ˜°

Gulp! I actually did it! I really did.. I went to a hospital and removed my implant. Talk about removing your safety net. To be honest …I am petrified. I have no idea what day I’m on now in this purity journey, I just know that now well…it’s no longer another option. It’s the only way. Like literally.


Okay let me bring you up to speed with what transpired before I chose my path. The last thing my mother told me before she drove away that first day she dropped me in my house to start my fifth year was literally do not get pregnant. I know! I was also as shocked. So shocked that I actually stopped and asked her Ā what that was supposed to mean. She told me kindly that in fifth or final year..we normally feel grown up…and thus many girls get pregnant. So I need to take of myself. That calmed me down a bit. But left me so so petrified. It’s the one thing that keeps ringing in my head.

That said. I’ve had an implant for the last four years and it’s been calm. Recently, however, I have had issues with it. Since late last year I’ve been having continous menorrhagia (excessive prolonged bleeding) every time a cycle starts and would have to use primolut for a span of time. At times I would stop and the bleeding would start. I have had periods longer than three weeks and anytime I would stop that bloody pill the blood would return. I should show you my calendar’s hilarious. Period length 16 days then 5 days then another 14 days then a four week break then 18 days argh!! But fear of pregnancy is no joke! And either way I thought that I could always buy the pills.


This time, however, I am so fed up. Like I was exhausted. To the point of telling my own mother that heh mum my periods this time round …


Cause I mean I am cramping almost every day, the bleeding is not reducing. I have gone through three packets of duo almost the fourth not counting the packets of Ā panty liners..I was just tired. So I did it.

It honestly feels relieving …not because I have removed it. No. I am actually a Ā strong believer in prevention rather than cure. Ā I believe the high and increasing incidence of abortions in the country and globally can be redused if more ladies or couples would use contraception. But I am relieved because I have chosen a different kind of contraception…abstinence.

It makes me smile that I can do so now. Without thinking what if? Not that I’m not. I am. I am still human and I know it’s not easy but because we both discussed and agreed this to be the best of solutions. GOD’S GRACE HAS BEEN SUFFICIENT.

So here we are. Ā It’s do or die now hehe but I think, I honestly think and believe we will make it. Do pray for us.


when sex hurts





6 thoughts on “No more contraceptionšŸ˜“šŸ˜°

  1. Hello Jem! Gosh, your menstrual cycle seems terrible! What kind of implant did you have?

    I myself have no worries on that department because I’m not sexually active since…ever lol xD don’t even have a boyfriend so I’m a dried up prune lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lalitaaa!! I’ve missed you! I had jadelle. Terrible. N you know they list it as one of the side effects lol.

      Haha you’re doing just fine doll…here I am aiming not to be sexual lyrics active lol.. you are so not prune XD hehe and the boyfriend is on his way ..just you wait


  2. At least you knew the cause, which makes it easy to manage.
    I experience such and I’m not on the pill or any other kind of contraceptive
    On the other hand I think maybe you should give it another try only this time consult on the best kind of contraceptive that won’t affect your body.


    1. Thank you so much for reading and replying.. If you experience such and are not in any form of contraception you should consider having a hormonal profile done for you. It could just be that there’s a mismatch and the pill could help in regulating them.

      On giving it another go, once we tie the knot and are considering planning on our babies I definitely will.

      Thank you again


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