Family · Jewel · Outflow from my heart


I’ve been working on a story for many years now…

It has had the same spine but so many ups and downs over the years..and many many spells of procrastination. So much so that I’ve decided to share it…as it is.


Raw and untainted in the flimsy hope that what my mind has pictured in your own ways you will see.



It’s not over’s still in progress…but since I am working up the last 8 weeks of medical school I am pretty certain I will not have time to write anything new. And I’ve been sharing alot of the stories that I stumble onto on Facebook that touch my heart…because art is to be shared and words shared impact more of the society than a million thrown in open space.

But I figured it’s time to share my own voice again. I may only be able to publish once a week…hope you bear with that..and do pray even as you pray for your own needs for my exams and those of my classmates.

And for this story…



I’m scared to be honest sharing this story. It came to me in form 2. (About 8 or more years ago) A close friend of mine at the time was relating to me her love story and it was the most tragic I had heard. My heart went out to her. And I promised to write it down.  And asked her if she minded being named Jewel.


Jewel over the years has evolved as I have evolved. She has her own bloodline, her own beliefs and she is one heck of a girl. I have woven many stories together…some true, some fiction and many from the heart and soul of many people, in the hope that she will connect with many of us..I hope she does..


Here we go!









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