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Jewel #2 the boy


Jewel laughed at the irony. Here she was depressed and her boyfriend could not think of anything but fun and speed. Some things never change or at least he didn’t. Since they met about eight months ago he talked of nothing but fun, fun and more fun. He had been drinking, clubbing, street racing or hiking. He had a way of making her forget her problems by just making her laugh. Jewel loved that but she hoped that their relationship would be more than that. She could not help but wish they knew each other better. As of now, he knew nothing about her and she could say the same about him.

“Honey you still there?”

“I am dear. No racing for me today. I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll go home and rest.”

“What about dinner tonight then?”

“Hmmm… now that sounds interesting… Where at?”

“So you good? Great! I’ll pick you up at 7”

“Hold your horses’ boy. Where are you taking me?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

“But how will I know how to dress then?”

“You have a point. Formal won’t be bad. And don’t you worry won’t take you to a monster parlour so you can relax.”

“That’s relieving to hear… You had me worried for a while there…” she joked.

Jewel could see the smile in his eyes even so many miles from him.

“Great. It’s a date then.”

“It is. Now can I go and sleep?”

“You can my dear…you sure can.”

“See you later then. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Jewel hang up with a smile. All seemed forgotten for now. As she drove away from the airport her mind wandered trying to puzzle out where they’d be going and what kind of relationship the two had. In another world…Nick was thinking about the same thing.



                            CHAPTER TWO

Nick looked at the phone for a long time, his thoughts consumed by Jewel and the last words he had said to her. Did he really? Did he love her? All his thoughts seemed to scream yes. He just wished she had come as a complete package. He knew for certain that Jewel valued herself too much to give him what he wanted. As much as he knew he loved her, at twenty-six, he had long discovered the joys of the human touch. He remembered of days long gone when girls would express their love by giving in and sighed. What are they teaching in schools these days? But even then the curriculum had nothing to do with that…guess the churches or parents had stepped up-ruining his chances in the process! He hadn’t even kissed her!

Yet, she intrigued him. At eighteen, she had done well for   herself. He remembered their first meeting. He had been driving his Merc when she sped fast past him, turned and winked at him. He saw the challenge and since he had nothing better to do, had taken it. Besides, the girl was breath taking. They rode from street to street evading cops and pedestrians alike. The road had been unusually clear that day. Then again it was exam period and university students were in their rooms trying to put a semester’s load of work into their heads for the first time in the short time they had left. ‘Brains at work’ Nick had mused.

In that short time of pondering, the girl had shot forward and no matter how hard he tried, he had remained tailing behind. This had at first challenged him then irritated him which had moved on to aggravating him and finally had just made him wonder. They had taken a corner and she led him to the starting point-right where she had first challenged him. She had swerved her car, stopping it just a few meters before his, placing the whole left side of her car at his mercy to crush. He had stepped on his breaks surprised at the sudden and very daring stunt bringing his Merc to a stop with just a few inches between the two cars. He was shocked. She was smiling. The contrast had been too incredible in Nick’s eyes and even now he had never quite gotten over it. Before he had caught his breath, she had winked, pulled back and driven off. Nick had not believed his eyes. Even now he sometimes wondered whether she was not a professional race driver. The idea did not seem to add up though as when she was not in school, she was with him or at home finishing her never ending assignments. Besides she was just eighteen. Still… Nick cut himself short not wanting to push the thought further. Jewel never ceased to amaze him though. He remembered the many searching days after that incident. She had been elusive. Even as mist. Yet he had caught up with her and had known not only her name but her heart as well. He smiled as he thought of that. “Jewel” he whispered to himself; the mystery that was now his to unravel.

A sniffle next to him jolted him out of his thoughts. He turned and looked at the girl lying on the bed covered in sheets that left her beautiful legs exposed. He looked at those legs and felt lust rising in him. He stood and walked to the balcony.

“Why oh why Jewel didn’t you come as a complete package?”

He cursed as he hit the metal grid. What about this girl made it so difficult? Made her so different? If he had his way then tonight the questions would cease. He would be the one to unwrap her well protected self. He smiled as he made his phone calls. He arranged for his clothes to be brought to his suite, flowers to be waiting for him at the car, the honeymoon suite in La Grande hotel be prepared for him and made dinner reservations at the same hotel. Being the son of a wealthy man with a chain of hotels had its benefits. He looked at his watch and noted the time. It was 3 o’clock. He still had time. Looking back to the gorgeous lady awaking in his bed, he smiled.

He would use his time well.

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