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Jewel #4 “First date”




Jewel tried to sleep but found that she could not. She had never been one to enjoy siestas-no matter how drained or tired she felt. Only maladies could drive her to that point, then again she rarely fell sick. She decided to soak herself in a hot bubble bath. It was one of her secret pleasures and had a way of always making things better. She could not help but thank God for the brains that had come up with a basin large enough for a fully grown adult to sleep in and speak blessings to the soul who’d come up with hot water piping. She could not imagine warming and carrying water enough to fit a tub the way they used to in the old days. No wonder it was a pleasure left only for the wealthy and the royals; and a pleasure it was indeed.

She wondered how the evening would turn out. She had never been on a dinner date before. She had had enough dinners with family but never with a guy. Most guys her age preferred the old way of going to movies, going to a drive in and a drive back home later on. She had found out long ago that most of the people who asked her out were just interested in her because of her mother’s fame or her own popularity and she found the rest a bit immature for her. She had stopped trying. She had another reason to thank God. Nick knew nothing about her apart from she could drive. She counted finding Nick as a blessing. In fact the blessing of the year yet she did not feel quite at peace. The text she had received did nothing to help the situation.
You are treading on dangerous grounds little girl. Nick is my man and I won’t stand and watch him go to a mere girl. If you want to have fun with a man, find your own. Don’t try and dig your claws into mine. He has a lioness on guard and you don’t want to see that side of me. Trust me. Beware little girl, take care.”
The simplicity of it showed a girl trying to remain calm in a battle against her own anger. A battle she did not seem to want to win. Jewel could feel a wave of fear grip her and suddenly the water seemed too cold for comfort. She got out of the tub and wrapped herself with her towel. She stopped herself from running from the bathroom. What was she doing? This was simply paranoia-“lioness??” I mean come on!

Who used such lines?

This must be one of Nick’s secret admirers wanting to send her into a scare so that she could ‘dig her claws into him.’

Well she was too late.💁

In fact nine months too late if she counted the days Nick had run around chasing her.

But how had she gained access to her number? She guarded it with her life.

If there was one thing her father had taught her was to be careful of those she gave her personal info. They may want to use her to get to mama. She loved her to much to let that happen. Though mama did not value her as her daughter, Jewel still loved her. How had she gotten her number then? She shook her head and with it the thoughts of the text. She would ask Nick and he would give her a reasonable explanation.

So why rack her brains when she could have all the answers she needed in the course of a wonderful dinner and delightful tales from her wonderful Nick? She dried her hair and searched for clothes she could wear. She wanted to look amazing. Formal Nick had said and formal she would be.

She thought she had found something so got into oiling herself. This was yet another of her secret pleasures.. She loved the feel of the silky oil in her hands as it massaged each and every inch of it into her hands. She loved that first feeling of a cold pierce that the oil had on her skin. The smooth way it glided all the way down in line with all her motions. She loved seeing those ever tiny hairs align themselves to the motion of her fingers. And oh how much delight did it give her just to see the effect the oil had. That beautiful glow the moisturizer gave to her skin.

Beautiful. So beautiful… Once done, she wore the dress she had chosen and looked at herself.

“No too uptight.” She wore another “too girly” “too tight” “too old” “won’t do!” dress after dress did she turn down, in her quest to look perfect that she finally sat down depressed. Her cell phone rang.

It was Liz-her best friend. She felt relieved even before talking to her.
“My goodness Liz, thank God.”
“What’s got you all worked up girl?”
“I have a dinner date tonight and I have no idea what to wear!”
“Whoa! That’s new… all those clothes and you have nothing?”
“None seems to fit. I want it to be just perfect!”
“Ain’t that surprising… Lemme guess Nick is taking you out?”

Liz had never liked Nick and nothing he did seemed to make it better. Jewel had no idea what the poor guy had done to her best friend nor would Liz tell her. She insisted that he was nothing but a nit-witted guy with no good up his sleeves. Listening to her talk one would think she was describing the devil himself but Jewel insisted that she had seen nothing he’d done to prove her claims right. Besides she loved the guy.
‘Don’t start Liz.
“Wasn’t going to. At least he lifted the gloom I expected to find when I called. May be there’s some good to him after all”
Jewel smiled knowing that Liz was referring to her mom’s departure. The girl had been with her through many raging storms in her life, from fights in school to being bad mouthed, rejection by the whole school and many more. She was glad to have her in her life. The sister she never had. She had been there for her when papa had died and also when her mother had up and left and knew the toll it had had on her.
“Yup he handled that alright though he has no idea what had been going through my mind when he called me at the airport.”
“How sweet and sensitive of him” Liz said with a sneer. Jewel laughed almost picturing it in her face.
“At least I’m happy so cut the poor guy some slack!”
“Okay okay… I’ll cut lover boy some slack. Don’t put your nose in it.”
“Humph…. So what do I wear?”
“How about that red dress you bought at the mall?”
“No… I saved that for something special.”
“And a date with Mr. Perfect is not? Maybe you’re starting to see the light.”
“You know what I mean.”
“Okay okay… what about the blue one?”
“Which blue one?”
“We bought it with my green one, remember?
“Oh yeah… it seems such a long time ago. I forgot about it.”
“With all the shopping you do anything you bought a month ago would seem ancient.”
“Someone got to use all the credit cards mama leaves for me.”
“You got a point there. Just don’t leave her bankrupt.”
“You and I know I have my limits.”
“Yup! You sure do. Well you never wore the dress so will you?”
“I think it will do. Thanks girl. I can always count on you.”
“Before you go hanging up on me I’m coming to fix your hair. Ain’t no way my best friend is going on her first dinner date without me styling her even if the guy is a jerk.”
“Ha-ha…Fine you come along. Its four anyway we still got time.”
“Cool I’m on my way.”
Liz hung up as Jewel laughed her head off. Liz was so predictable and dependable. And she loved her all the much. Now where had she thrown that dress?

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