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Jewel #5 The other woman


How foolish did Nick think she was? What did he think of her? Alice could not believe the nerve of the guy. She had heard the whole conversation he had had with that man-snatching devil.

How could she not when he had made it seated at the edge of the bed where he and she had just made love?????  She knew he could not have thought her asleep. He had been with her for four long sweet years. At least at the beginning they had been. He had adored her then. Spent every minute he could with her. He had bought her amazing gifts, told her amazing things and she had fallen hard for him. Then he had started going out with other girls. And everything came tumbling down.

She had managed to scare away the other girls and he had always come back to her waiting arms. Then she had known that he had just been having fun. This time it was different. He seemed smitten. Taking his time to even book flowers and hotel rooms… Things he had done once and only for her. This could not be. She would not let it. She would guard her relationship even if it meant killing the girl.
“Alison… No!! I don’t want to harm her.”

“But you won’t be I’ll be doing all the work.”

“I know what you’re capable of and I don’t want to see the poor girl hurt.”

“So you want me to sit and watch you cry huh? I won’t let you reduce US to that.”

“But Alison I’m handling it just fine.”

“Wow! By watching the man you love shower nicely after SCREWING you in preparation for a date. Then mopping around like there’s nothing in the world you can do to help the situation.”

“Well there is nothing I can do. I can’t force him to love me.”

“Well that’s why we are different. There’s a lot I can do. I’ve watched you mop around for too long and that girl better watch her back.”

“Alison… No!”

“Yes Alice I’ll do it- for us. Now go to sleep inside there. When you wake up it will all be alright.”


Alison got out of the room in full control of the body. Where Alice could not stand her ground due to her soft nature, Alison could stand and fight fearless. She only showed up when Alice was too hurt and when she came there was no stopping her. Not even Alice could. She was her fearless side and mostly irrational. A lioness guarding her cubs only the cub was Alice. And yes they lived in the same body.

Alice had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder when she was around twelve. She had undergone a rough childhood under the hands of his cousin who had constantly defiled her especially when he had reached his teens. He would watch despicable things on the net and use her as his personal guinea pig. He would gag her mouth that whatever screams she tried to let out would be muffled and she had permanent wrist scars from being chained to the bed or a post or whatever had pleased him then. She had lived ashamed of herself and dared not voice her pain as she feared worse treatment. The one time she had found courage to speak she had told her uncle who had openly laughed at her and when the son came she had seen him patting the boy.

That night when her cousin had come he had not found Alice but Alison. She would be the last person he would ever see.

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