What has happened to humanity?

hangI take a break from Jewel to give the sad true story of a man…a son and someone who believed in love.

A young man from Ukraine met and loved a girl by the name Shiku on Facebook. So much so that he travelled all the way and he came to see her. She picked him up, a foreigner, and they stayed together for three days. On the fourth Shiku swept everything from him..took everything including the phone. Leaving only a passport on the table.



Confused and alone, he had been told he can go to the Diplomatic police or the UN Diplomatic for help. He went to the UN Diplomatic first; the guards refused to let him in.

So he went to the Diplomatic police. They also just looked at him. For three days…three sad days he would wake up and beg literally! That they deport him…he just wants to go home.

They didn’t take action, didn’t contact the UN Diplomatic…didn’t even give him a phone to simply call home.


He would help the cleaner sweep the floor, he would cry and beg and on the one day a lady bought her food, he just ate without any hope.  Apparently she didn’t have credit so he couldn’t call home. But she bought him food.  The cleaner had no phone. Not even a kabambe. I don’t know about the guards. I really don’t know.

He was still begging..please help me get home. “Deport me or shoot me. Deport me or find my body.”

The lady left went to Nairobi Area. She came back..he had hung himself, they were called to pick his body…the idiotic guards have the nerve to ask “kumbe alikuwa akufe”

This is when they are rushing to UN Diplomatic because he can’t be buried in Kenya he is not a citizen.. when he was alive you do nothing…don’t hear his cries, nothing.


When he dies have the nerve to ask kumbe alikuwa akufe!


He died the miserable boy for he was yet to be a man because of someone who did not have a phone but could not borrow one, another who did not have credit, guards who could not let him in, a system so broken down and Shiku …a girl who knowing the heart of this man took everything and left him for dead. Shiku, Whoever you are, I pray you see this blog, I pray you see remember that sweet man, and I hope you learn something.


Diplomatic police, shame on You! All of You! He had found a way out..a way home..but your asses couldn’t help a clearly despondent man..couldn’t even give him hope when he threatened to take his life. Does your body help you now? Are you happy with yourselves? Those guards should be fired! Someone needs to take action for this broken down system…we need to learn a thing or two. How do you watch someone sleep in a car or outside and yet he has a home and find no way to help. He died believing he was alone..while in the hands of police..and society. Since when are we so unafrican that we can’t help a soul in need? SInce when do we let someone suffer when a single call..just a reprieve from all the loneliness to tell his people what had happened.


Where did we take our humanity?


And even if not humanity, it was their job, like that’s what you wake up to do..to serve such people..


I am so angry..and we all should be.


It was a sad way to go. And I’m really sorry for all your misfortunes. You didn’t see it..but there was hope at the end of the tunnel. I’m sorry no one showed you the light.  May your Soul rest in peace and may the Lord have mercy on you.


May this never happen again


Please share. Let’s bring back humanity.


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