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Jewel #6 Prom night?


Jewel smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked amazing. Liz had always been good at styling. She would, in only few minutes, produce such a marvel that models could only gawk at and she enjoyed doing it too. Jewel felt that she would do well in the design industry but the girl had set her heart on engineering instead. No matter how much Jewel insisted she would brush her off saying she would do it part time. Whoever heard of an engineer who styles hair and fashions houses?

“Well I guess that’s what you get for being multi-talented.” Jewel resolved.
“Girl you look stunning! This Nick guy better be worth all this stunning-ness.” Liz said admiring her work. Jewel just smiled. The result was breath taking-even to her eyes.
“You do know your way around hair don’t you?”
“It only comes naturally to some of us but I must say I like the effect.”
“Now what will I say? How will I go about everything?”
“Easy there, Princess. All will be fine. I mean this is you we’re talking about. All charm and charisma…
Besides what can go wrong? It’s not like he’ll come with another chic and damp you. Even he can’t be that psycho.”
The bell rang as Jewel laughed her head off. She froze in a second. Her hair looked amazing but she had not dressed yet. How fast had time passed? She looked at herself and then longingly to Liz.

Liz laughed at the confused look on Jewel’s face. She knew it would be a long time before she saw it so she relished the moment. Jewel pulled one of her puppy doll’s eyes look and Liz sighed.

“Okay okay I’ll go. Dress up.”
Liz ran down the stairs and opened the door fully expecting to give that good for nothing guy word that if he dare do anything stupid he would have it from her. She opened the door and found herself staggering backwards and had to stop herself from stammering.

Michael was here.

Jewel’s cousin whom she had fancied since kindergarten was at the front door.

“Hi Liz you look startled… seen a ghost?”
“An angel…” she whispered to herself.
“Nothing, nothing.” Liz said recovering herself.

“Why don’t you come in, your cousin is upstairs preparing for her date.” Liz figured that Jewel still thought that it was Nick so called out that she should relax.

“Lover boy is nowhere near coming. Must be looking for a horse; I mean… how else to finish a fairytale?” Jewel laughed upstairs while Liz fixed Mike a drink. She had to do something lest he catch her gawking over him.
“So tell me about this lover boy snatching my cousin away from us…”

Comfortable grounds, Liz thought, she would be okay.

Six pairs of eyes marvelled as Jewel descended gracefully down the stairs. She looked amazing! Her childlike innocence was mingled with a lady like demeanour all in the bloom of a woman. Pure joy seemed to emanate from her-all her cares seemed long forgotten yet if you looked just close enough you would see there was a tint of uncertainty as if she did not know exactly what to do. They were all transfixed.
Liz was awed. Her best friend looked amazing. Like a princess on her coronation. She had never seen Jewel that happy and so carefree. Life had not been good to her. She hoped with all her might that Nick was all Jewel wanted him to be and that he would not hurt her. She still did not trust him.
Nick seemed dazed. He had never seen Jewel in a dress and she looked- in one word -breathtaking. He fed his eyes on her beauty and found himself dreaming of a time that she would walk down the aisle to be his, he smiled at the thought. She would make a good wife. But could he stand the torture of between the now and the then. He imagined her in his arms and felt passion; raw and untainted rise in him. The future seemed to drift away as he felt himself burn. Today it will be.
Michael on the other hand could not believe his eyes. His little flower had blossomed and was now- in physique and demeanour- a lady.

He smiled seeing a lot of his aunt in her. His small sister for that is what she had grown to be. He had spent most of his youthful years with her taking care of her and guiding her. He felt sad that he did not spend most of his time with her now. He looked at her walk step by step and smiled, he turned to look at her prize and anger spurred in him.

Nick looked at her like she was some piece of meat ready to be pounced on.

He almost pounced on the guy and he would have had he not turned to look at Jewel and see her genuine smile and a happy serene look something he had not seen for a while. He caught her eye and smiled at her. He would let her have this night. He would warn her later.

Jewel looked at her cousin and saw him smile in approval; Liz looked awed while Nick stood with a bouquet in hand, his eyes revealing a mixture of awe and something else she could not quite place though it did not quite feel right. She saw Michael glance at Nick and noticed his expression darken. When he turned to face her, he was smiling. She wondered about that too. She decided not to think much of it. Tonight was hers and she would enjoy every moment of it.

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