Guest Writer

Note to you #Guest writer

Its been two weeks since I’ve posted and my sincere apologies. I have exams up to my neck and an unfortunate event occured that I shall share as a testimony later on, so not to worry.

I would like to in this time introduce a very young and very talented writer to you, she is warm but ever so deep and I would know as I know her in person. Her blog link is Here she writes poetry mainly so dont be surprised if it touches your soul. So you see busy as I am , I still am thinking of all of you my blogging and reader family ….oh and we hit 500 likes!!! Yaaaay!!
So from Michelle Angaga


I took your advise,

Stood for nothing

 Believed in nothing

 Lived for nothing 

So now here we are, both of us lie together but alone I am. 

You said everything they will ever tell me is a lie. That what I felt was oxidation and a couple of chemistry related words I did not understand. You constantly reminded me that what we shared was just coincidence and meeting of two broken souls.

So I paid more attention to every word you spoke and less of what he proclaimed. Followed each instruction conveyed by you.

 I dared not question your authority, furthermore you knew what was best for me. Didn’t you? 

You said being spontaneous was dope. That a couple of mistakes here and there was okay. That the world would understand am human, just like the rest.

You said it was trending and I was still too young to worry about life.

Besides, everyone else was doing it too. 

So I did it, over and over again. 

So now am paying for my mistakes. ON MY OWN. 

The world around me mocking me.

So where are you now

Oh wait, you are with me but not holding my hand. Not at all, you stay hidden from all this torture.

You can’t feel it, can you.

Do you hear my cry. Of course not, why would you. 

Guess what, we….

No, I am alone again.

 He left because you said he wasn’t good enough for us.

 What?you’re asking about the friends I had.

They left round the same time he did.Why you ask? Don’t you remember, when they needed me,you said staying away would be the best way to show I cared.

Do you feel it. It’s called Pain and Loneliness, but how would you know.

So what next you ask.

 I don’t know,i was too dependent on you I forgot how it felt to be independent and free for the lies. 

Regret? I wouldn’t, rather I Can’t because am stuck with you.

So You lied to the soul, please leave the mind out of this.


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