Relationships and Love

you don’t understand…

Authors note:A bit of a break from Jewel, thought to share a point of view….



“You don’t understand!”

She said, frustrated, angry, and well beyond the verge of calm.


“then help me understand”

She looked at him like he had lost his mind. Wasn’t he listening? Couldn’t he see? it was staring him right in his face! She had told him more than enough times, in different ways, with different breathes in the last thirty minutes. She was sure she was speaking English, certain it’s how they usually communicated, so what was difffent?

He looked so perplexed, seated on the bed and staring at her wondering what she was so angry about. She had wanted them to go for a picnic, he had had reservations about it in the beginning but had given in and had agreed and here she was saying no. What does she mean no? It had been her idea in the first place. And when he said okay, she threw a fit!

`You  don’t want to go, so why should we go?”

But i have just agreed to going.

Yes, but its not from the heart

What do you mean it’s not from the heart, i have just agreed.

But you didn’t want to from the beginning and now you are just going because my moods changed.

But you wanted to go, i have agreed we go, so lets go.

No, you never wanted to go in the first place so now why are you saying we go?


He looked at her like she was going mad. She was looking at him, feeling betrayed, how could he? How could he not see?

The shouting had subsided and silence skin deep had enveloped them, he couldn’t understand what he had wrong, she couldn’t explain what she felt. She couldn’t explain that the rejection of the proposal to her sounded like she had been rejected. She couldn’t explain that she felt like now he was just doing it out of obligation or pity and not from the heart , not because he wanted to share his time with her and she couldn’t explain that it also hurt her. So she resorted to the one statement that vexes him the most, that he doesn’t understand.

how would he though? to him it was as simple as a picnic, he couldn’t grasp why she felt so offended. They had found a solution had they not?

Argh to be a man!



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