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#Jewel- Sensual betrayal…


Alison sat in the car feeling a surge of raw hot anger rise in her. She let it burn through her; not even attempting to control it. She looked at him as he held her, saw her abandon as she laughed, and saw him look at her with so much intent. The girl even held roses! When was the last time he had done that for her? In fact done anything for her? Yet here was Alice convincing her not to intervene-not to harm the girl or inflict pain on Nick. Well she would…if it was the last thing she did. It was her sole duty to punish those who hurt Alice, hurt her, hurt them.

She watched as they entered the hotel hand in hand. Her eyes narrowed and instinctively her hand began to gently stroke the gun she held. She stared ahead, her mind in deep thought as she laid out the intricate details of her plans. For a while all was still in the pitch black of the night…the bright moon also covered with dense cold clouds. In the car an eerie feeling enwrapped her. Slowly with utmost care she placed the gun in her bag and removed the gloves in hand.

“In a short while my dear, you’ll have your fill…” she whispered. She took out her mirror and make up-it was time to look the part.



Jewel marveled at the grandness of the place. Everything from decor to setting and even the candor of the servers was well in tune and gave the impression of class and sophistication as well as a tint of romance. She had been in many hotels and had rarely noticed but today every little detail caught her eye and she drowned in the feel of it all. Nick led her to their table and pulled out her seat. She felt really nice. From where they sat the lounge was in full view of Nick while Jewel faced the piano. Yet it still seemed secluded and just perfect for them. Jewel found herself more and more intrigued with each passing second. Nick seemed more relaxed as he told her about his recent games and even slightly ventured into his business. She was shocked to find that he actually did manage part of the company even with his carefree spirit and adventurous lifestyle.

Wine was brought to the table and he took it and served them, toasting to “the future”.  Glass in hand he looked at her, holding her eyes with the intensity of his.

“Jewel, you are the most beautiful and the most intelligent girl I’ve ever seen and today you look nothing short of amazing”

Jewel tried to will her cheeks from coloring but found it impossible. This whole affair was becoming more like a movie scene and she could not believe it. She looked dreamily at his eyes-hardly believing that just today in the morning she had been so doubtful of him. Listening to him speak all such thoughts of insecurity and doubt stood erased. Surely that text had been wrong. He loved her and would never cheat on her or even be capable of such. If only she knew…

Nick looked at his prize; saw her melting with each word and knew that he had conquered. It would only be a matter of time and she would be completely his. She looked so innocent, so naive yet so beautiful-truly befitting her name. He drew out his hand and held hers. She was so responsive and that delighted him.

“Jewel, would you care for a dance?”

“But of course.”

He stood and led her out and onto the dance floor. On cue a beautiful slow song played and Nick smiled besides himself. His subordinates listened so well and were ever so efficient…

Jewel lay on his chest as they danced and while she envisioned a fairy tale, Nick for a moment saw a perfect wife-beautiful, devoted, loving and caring yet with a stroke of boldness, immense courage and adventurous spirit. He wished to be everything that she dreamed a prince charming to be. He wished he could take her slow and do as she expected of him. To wait until that beautiful night yet looking down on her and seeing her lips sent his thoughts trailing, the slight cleavage did nothing to help either- he drew close to kiss her and she let him. In his thoughts one thing clicked-it had begun.

Jewel drowned in his kiss-her first kiss and she pictured heaven. She felt his hand moving down and instinctively she stopped and drew away. She looked at him and saw that same look she had seen back at the house and felt a cold shiver run through her.  She now knew that look for what it was-lust! And that did not auger well with her. She left him and head for the table. Maybe they just needed space from each other-he would cool down.




Nick felt humiliated. He had never faced rejection before and he had not imagined that the first time would be in the public view. A lifetime of having girls wobble over him had not prepared him for such. He manned himself and head back to the table. He knew the staff’s eyes were on him and this would be whispered on the corridors for a long time. He looked at Jewel as he sat down, her face was to the ground- and she did not even look up when he joined her. He felt shame rise in him.  What had he wanted to do?

“I’m sorry.” He whispered

She looked up and sought his eyes.

“It’s okay… it’s not you really. And it sure was amazing but I will not go down that road not with anyone…but my husband.”

Another blow-did she not see a future in him? Was it not enough that he was his boyfriend?

“I u-, I understand…”he stammered. Just then his favourite brand of scotch was brought to the table yet he had not ordered. Who was this trying to mock him? He looked towards the lounge and saw a familiar figure. He looked at the card that came with the scotch and immediately he knew.


Alison stood at the lounge; her back to Nick whom she knew would place himself somewhere facing the place. She took out her mirror which to the unknowing looked like a silver flap phone. She had ordered the scotch and after much persuasion sent a waiter to deliver it to the couple. It would cost her but she did not care. She looked at tonight as a means to an end. An end it would have to be. Someone was going to get hurt and she was sure it would not be her.

She stole many glances at him. Something Alice was more prone to do and this surprised her greatly. She had stayed under for too long. Yet even with the realisation she found herself staring at him from the mirror. She had never seen him down cast, not as he was right now. Maybe the girl had taken the hints…. even then Nick would not take anything a mere girl would say to heart or would he? She found herself looking at him not as an enemy but as a man she loved. This was all out of play. Alison never loved- that was all Alice! Her’s was only to pursue and bring vengeance. Could it be that Alice was breaking her wall? Alison was normally the one who called the shots once she took over and only after executing vengeance did she lure Alice out. She stiffened as she saw Nick approach. There was no time for this! She brushed it off and smiled-a knowing smile.

“Hi Hon. – Busy I see…”

He smiled. Fifteen minutes ago that question would have spelt doom for him, now well…he could not help but smile. Maybe this was fate or maybe… he had not had time to finish the thought. The next thing he knew was that Alison had reached him and with a powerful kiss sent him to oblivion. He was shocked! Alice had never been this aggressive. No sooner had he stopped and caught his breath when he heard someone calling him. It took time for the sound to register… Jewel.

“Ahem…sorry for my rudeness” he said wiping his mouth of the red.  “Jewel; meet Alice-my girlfriend. He looked at Jewel to see the shock register then turned and held Alice by the waist.

“Alice dear…Jewel.

He looked at Alice intently and she snuggled up to him and whispered something in his ear. Jewel could see that it delighted him to no end though he tried to hide it.

“Nick I don’t understand. Who am I then?”

“Jewel you are still a child!  Your need to go home…finish your suckling and enter into the real world!

Jewel was tongue tied. She had never heard nor thought she’d ever hear such words from Nick’s mouth. A knife would not have hoped to stab her better than those words did. She looked at him –betrayal, pain and disgust drawn in her eyes. How could he?

To add salt to injury he had the guile to slide his arm round the girl’s waist as if she was a true gem and the girl clearly was relishing every morsel of it. Jewel turned and head for the door letting her legs lead as her weak body followed and her heart writhing in pain.

She turned only once to see the girl looking at her with pity and Nick holding her gaze, pain in his eyes yet even with that he turned and kissed the girl as if showing her that her fate was sealed. She had been nothing but a fling to him.

She felt the tears begin to rise and turned. She walked bleakly into the dark of the night. Walking as far as she could from him,  from them…from her nightmare.  She did not care where exactly she went, she just walked.

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