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Jewel 8 – battle of the heart and mind




                 CHAPTER EIGHT

Alison did not believe it! She had done it without even raising a finger. That vermin was out of her man’s life for good. After what she’d gone through today she must be a fool if she were to cling on to him.  She wondered what it was that the dumb girl had done to Nick to ease her work. Yet looking at the poor girl walk away almost falling she felt something she had never felt before-pity. What had that girl done to deserve that? Yet again what had they all done? Her anger began steaming at Nick who was now busy showering her with kisses on end. She could succumb and give in. Let Alice come and enjoy this moments but she was not one to feel anything but sheer cold.

She was the cold dark heart of Alice and it was that that helped her protect them. She watched the girl walk away and realised whom she needed to protect Alice against. All this time her eyes had been set on the wrong person. The problem was not the girl or girls but this insane man who knew nothing but to get, use and damp women-treating them like trash!

As her anger simmered, she felt a strong force overpowering her. Warmth she had never felt. Alice could not be rising could she? She was coming to overturn things and rush to this sick man. For a split second, a lost moment, She (Alice) did succeed and she looked at Jewel with such pitiful eyes then looked at Nick with such adoration but Alison was not done yet. She had punished the wrong person and she needed to prosecute the core of the problem.

“Alice sleep! This is not your place! Not yet! “She commanded.

“But it is Alison! Don’t you see? He loves me! He left her for me. He loves me!”

“Do you call this love? He came here on a date with someone who is not you! The lips kissing you now were on her I’m sure. He’ll stay for a while and make that a short while then some other chic comes along and it’s back to your heart break again. What makes you different from her? Once a cheat always a cheat!”

“He was just misguided Alison he’s here standing with me…”

“Not you sweetheart, me! And right now I’m telling you the time is not right. He’s not yours yet (probably never will be) “

“Alison don’t you dare think like that. We’re one remember?”

“    Go to sleep Alice…Go to sleep.”

“He loves me Alison… I know it and I’ll prove it!”

“NO!” and with that she used all her will power to push her down. The encounter had sipped her strength. She looked up and for the first time felt the cold sting of the night. She felt eyes watching her and looked up to see Nick looking at her concerned. She wondered what exactly he had seen, how had she looked? Had they spoken aloud this time? No… They had long since perfected the art of mind conversation. Or had they?

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…no… I need to leave Nick am not feeling so well.”

Nick nodded in understanding. He did not feel like much either. He told her that he would take her home and let her go back to the hotel to take her purse. She thought of its contents and a dark smile formed on her face.

Nick turned and looked at the direction Jewel had gone to. He wondered if she was okay and had to fight an urge not to go looking for her. She was a strong girl- she would survive. He hoped she would understand. See that he had done it to help her and her damned ethics but had he really?

He shook his head.

Jewel…he had lost much that night …they all had.

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