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Jewel #lost

                    river-rush         CHAPTER NINE

Jewel walked as far as she could, her sharp heels making her feel the weight of her own body yet not quite reaching the burden of her soul. She walked angry, memories flashing through her head. The text, the promises, the dress, the dinner, the dance, her first kiss and after all that –THIS! The nerve of that guy!

Jewel felt like killing herself! She had felt that Nick was not the guy for her, had known that whatever they shared would be short-lived. Had heard her best friend’s warnings yet she had not listened. She even got a warning text, a whole warning text yet she had up-ed and played the good girl friend role… thinking heaven and earth of her guy. A  guy who only wanted her for her body! Stupidity!

Tears flowed endlessly, silently. Tears of pain, of betrayal, of anger and she walked on. Not knowing where she was headed to, not noticing that she had no idea leave alone caring. She removed her shoes and let her beautiful legs touch the cold tarmac, the coolness of the road not even apparent to her. She treaded on only stopping when she hit her toe and the cold sting of the night bit into her skin even as the sudden sharp pain danced up her nerves. She hugged her arms and looked around. She could see nothing but the dark of the night and close packed buildings along the narrow road. That she was in the ghetto, she now knew, how she had gotten there; she had no clue. She looked around for any phone booth knowing only too well that it was a futile attempt but it did not hurt to hope.

Hope- that cursed word!

As predicted she did not find one and regretted not carrying her own cell. “Don’t want any interruptions tonight” hmph! How foolish she had been! She closed her eyes as visions of the night crept in.

“God what did I do to deserve that? What?”

She needed to talk to someone, anyone! Liz! Liz would help. But she could not stand to go through the humiliation of a scolding from her reminding her that she had forewarned her.

“Oh mother what I wouldn’t give to talk to you tonight…but no you had to take her from me to! All in the same day!” She said looking up. Acutely aware that she was talking to herself she pushed the thought away.

No point in revisiting pain. No matter how recent…or past. She pushed back her tears. He did not deserve them. They all didn’t. She wondered if she should knock the door and ask someone for their phone. But in this corner of the world she knew people knew better than to trust people. Especially strangers and she could not really blame them. She only wished that she had learnt the lesson earlier.

She remembered that she had driven this road once or twice in a race and thanked God for street racing. There had been a pub and a motel a few blocks ahead that had served as a checking point then. She would go there and ask for help. If anyone was even half human they would help her right? She hoped so.

She treaded on mind focused in nothing else but to get there. She’d take things one step at a time.


Jewel was being carried by the river, her small body flung by the massive water current. She was fighting frantically clutching on anything she could lay her hands on. Jessica Campbell stood at the bank looking at her only child been taken by the water. She fought shock for a while when Jewel’s sharp scream sprung her into action. She searched around looking for anything that her daughter could hold on to. From a distance she saw a log and rushed to it, stumbling and falling while at it. Her white suit was a mess but she did not care, she rose and took hold of the log which was quite heavy. She dragged it to the bank and with it took all her will power and strength to put in position. Jewel was holding on to the protruding end of a root on the other side of the river. Campbell looked up to see the water coming in torrents…the root wouldn’t hold. “Jewel, Jewel its Mama. Mama is here. Hold on to the log dear…Come to me please!”

Jewel looked up, searching in the direction of the voice. Campbell waved frantically while still trying to hold on to the log. She was no strong lady; not enough to hold on to a log anyway but she found she could.

“Mama is that you?” Campbell looked at the torrents. They had no time and Jewel’s voice sounded weaker.

“Yes baby it’s me. I’m here. Now please hold on to the log…please!” she saw Jewel reach out then saw her stop. She looked up and caught her eyes…she saw the same eyes that had caused her so many nightmares before. The disbelieving look that showed nothing but mistrust and for a moment the log faltered. She hoped Jewel had not seen it but was too late.

Jewel had turned and was studying the bank; she saw that land was not so far. Campbell knew it was futile as that side was a marsh land.

“Jewel! No!”

Jewel stole a glance then thrust herself forward. Her hand held the mud and just as she was getting a grip she slid. Time must have slowed as she watched the rest in slow motion. Jewel slid, the soil beneath her crumbled, the water came in torrents pushing her, carrying her. Campbell seemed frozen in place. Jewel screamed and tried reaching for the log. It eluded her and next Campbell heard her gurgle. The sound so disturbing that it pierced Campbell’s ears and she came to. She ran ahead. “There must be another log, stick, branch that my baby can hold on to”

Instead she saw her daughter fall at the water fall. She heard her scared screams and felt them shake her whole world. Down below the rocks looked menacing, eager for a meal. She saw her flung down and felt a sharp pain as Jewel landed. She had barely moved when turning she saw the log flung into the water below with a sharp slap it hit the water and silence reigned.

The water bubbled and slowly she saw her rise and drift. Campbell heard a sharp, heart breaking scream and felt her world shake. Only when she opened her eyes did she realise that the scream had come from her.

“Mrs. Campbell! Mrs Campbell! Are you okay?”

She was dazed, she looked around taking in her surroundings. There seemed to be a humming sound in the background ,she saw the small windows, brown leather seats, cabin doors and realised she was on a plane. She felt warmth all around her and looked up to see six concerned eyes looking down on her and she wondered why.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing mum we were just concerned. You’ve been screaming for a while now and we couldn’t wake you up”

“Thank you …You can go back to work now.”

“ Mum are you sure? There’s nothing you need?”

“Maybe just coffee…you can go I assure you I’m fine.”

They left albeit still hesitant but she had her peace.


She could not exactly call it that. That word, what it was meant to mean, was something that had become so elusive. She wondered what the dream was about was shaken about the safety of her child and for the second time thought that maybe work wasn’t all that important.

She tried calling but her baby girl was not picking up. Was she upset with her? In the dream she would not even let her help! She tried remembering earlier on, When Jewel had been dropping her at the airport, she had seemed so quiet, like something was chewing on her mind. Jessica had wondered what to tell her. How does one start a conversation with an eighteen year old after so many years of silence? She tried asking about school and Jewel had mumbled something about it being fine. She had watched as her daughter seemingly battled in her mind as if choosing what to tell her. Jessica felt like if she had time she could have actually gotten the story out. As she pondered on it, Jimmy had called informing her on the movements in Iran and that the plane was cleared for the journey. When she had turned back to Jewel she was cold again. Her baby had closed up again.


Argh! God what do I do about this baby of mine!

Anyway, her sister Kathy had assured her that she would be sending Michael. Michael would take care of her. Or maybe she should order that this thing be turned around.

“Madame there’s a problem.”

“What has happened?”

Just like that all seemed forgotten. Jewel was fine.



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