Jewel 15 #He promised

CHAPTER 15 Alice smiled as she went up the elevator, groceries and shopping in hand and a myriad of sweet, pleasant sensual thoughts playing around in her mind. She was so happy, she could almost whistle. Memories of last night coupled with fantasies of tonight enveloped her whole self and she honestly could not believe… Continue reading Jewel 15 #He promised

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Jewel #14:Ugly Surprise

CHAPTER 14 Liz walked up the stairs to Jewlz’s room as slowly and elegantly as her racing heart could let her. Behind her was Michael who she hoped was watching. She had watched him watch the cousin yesterday with so much pride in his eyes and saw the way Nick looked at Jewel and she… Continue reading Jewel #14:Ugly Surprise

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Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul

CHAPTER TWELVE Jessica waked around, looking desperate, feeling desperate. She had been sent to this land by the news station to report on this. This devastation that was right before her eyes. In fact, scratch that, she had requested, almost fought to come here because it seemed to be the next big thing. An African… Continue reading Jewel 12 #the desert in my soul