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JEWEL 10# The Big Save



Ten thousand feet lower Jewel was nearing the pub and could hear the noise even from a distance. She had forgotten just how noisy that life was. Sure she raced once in a while but only with Nick. She had given racing a break for a while. Besides it was only street.  She missed Eddy though. He had been her trainer, brother and friend. He had been so kind to her- teaching her all he knew about racing and enhancing the knowledge daddy had given her on cars and engines. She could very well work on one right now and bring it to working condition. She could almost remember the sad eyes in Eddy’s eyes the day she told him she was quitting racing. He’d tried to make her see logic. That she could do both school and racing without anyone ever knowing. He had even proposed her wearing a wig if only to protect her identity. (Normally she’d just tied her long hair in a bun and wore a baseball cap.) He had even tried convincing her that she could train during the holidays but she would hear none of it. She had wanted to focus on her studies- give them full attention. I mean if she could get B+ while juggling with racing what would happen if she gave them full concentration. It was her last year after all. And with that she had left the game and cut all connections to it and with them Eddy had gone too. She wished she could call him right now. He would be the best option. She dreaded explaining to Michael. She knew she had Eddy’s number by heart but what if he had changed it. She really had no time to think of all this. She’d just call Michael. Hopefully he wouldn’t kill Nick but she’d worry about that later, besides right now it did not look like such a bad ending to him.

The closer she got the more she smelt beer and cheap liquor but somewhere in there she smelt hope. Someone here would help her find a phone… the owner. With that she had renewed strength and walked even faster, her high shoes still in hand. She walked in a hurry her sole intent being to get to the cashier, get a phone and get the hell out of there. She wanted to be home…badly!!! She wanted peace and rest and mostly she wanted time to recollect herself…Secure her shields and get herself stronger and guy proof.

She had cut halfway across the pub when she noticed it had gotten awfully silent then as she turned to see, a whistle was heard, followed by another and yet another. It took her some time to register that she was the cause of all that attention. She could almost see herself…Puny, shrivelled, weak, in a flowing dress with shoes in hand.  I must be quite a sight. She turned to one side to see a giant of a man look at her from head downwards …his eyes bright and bearing the same look Nick had had earlier in the day. All the fear somehow disappeared.

She would have no one feast on her not Nick and definitely not this disgusting man!  She cast him an ugly look and asked him what he wanted. “You!” she heard and without thinking she sent a sharp slap to his hair infested face. She watched as his anger boiled and held her shoe in defence.

“Slut! You slapped me!”

“And I’ll do more than that if you dare come nearer.”

Shouts and jeers broke from the crowd seated in the pub. She stood rooted surging on this new strength coming from God knew where yet feeling her heart beating in her ears. She prayed he wouldn’t hear it-though she highly doubted. It was beating so loud and fast she was scared it would tear out.

“What did you say?” he asked drawing nearer and without thinking she hit him with her heel. It really had no effect rather than to aggravate him farther and for a while she wondered why she hadn’t let Eddy teach her how to fight.  She felt herself being flung up and in one last desperate attempt did the only thing a girl did to defend herself she tried to kick him in the crotch and taking her position that was really difficult. She missed but the guy had bent a little bringing his face closer to her tied hands. She jabbed her long nails at his eyes and he dropped her so suddenly she was stunned. She fell clumsily and painfully but she did not care, she had to get away. Before she rose she heard a furious grunt and saw a blow coming. The hurt man wasn’t so happy with her stunt. She tried to get away but knew it was futile. She covered her face instead and waited for the pain. It never came.


He had watched in wonder as a girl almost ran across the pub in a dress. Two things stood out. One her speed, This was a place where most people were either too weighed down by life or too engrossed with the thought of staying away from home to  have the energy to sprint across. Most at most sauntered through. Two: her attire. True,; girls did come to the pub but not many and those who did were bikers or whores and definitely none came dressed as little princesses and none had that angelic face. So he had stared at her wondering what was familiar about her and enjoying the spectacle that followed.

Predictably, someone else had noticed and gone for the kill and for a moment he had thought of going to help then he had seen the fire in her eyes and heard her threat. It was hard not to …the two had taken centre stage in a place where the most entertainment was someone drinking themselves to a stupor. So he had taken his drink and continued watching. He left it when he saw her being flanged up and prayed for a miracle that what he thought would happen would not before he got there. She stabbed his eyes …he smiled. A fighter… But he knew she would not get far. She was so close to a pole that one blow could just send her to hit it and he dreaded seeing her hurt.  She was close enough and as she turned to hide her face he knew who she was-Jewel. “My God!” all the energy he had turned to raw anger and he turned to hit Krowler and all his God forsaken crew. He would pay for making her go through that.


The fight that ensued could have come from a Hollywood script. Jewel raised her eyes to see a man in full defence of her plight with more and more men rising to take him to the challenge. He didn’t seem to notice for every blow that was thrown at him was met by a counter attack and the attacker found himself on the ground. It was interesting to watch and if she wasn’t so scared she just might have found it funny. She wondered who this was and struggled to get a view…but in a minute she wished she hadn’t for he turned and for a time their eyes had held eyes. She looked up and saw Krowler with a seat in hand and throwing it full force on him. She screamed her head off shouting his name but she was too late, the damage was done. She looked for something to use and seeing nothing, she took a bottle and hit Krowler hard on the head breaking the glass and using the sharp edge stabbed his chest as he turned to fight her. He stumbled on the floor and finally fell with a thud as the rest of his crew scrambled out of the pub. She did not care much but the adrenaline rush surging through her was immense and almost drugging. She ran to Eddy now struggling to rise.

“Eddy, Eddy, Are you okay?”  She put her arm round his neck and supported his head and used her weight to help him rise.


“Yeah it’s me. What are you doing here?” Eddy looked at the irony of that question and had he not be so mad and in pain would have smiled.

“What are YOU doing here?  This is no place for you and you’re so far away from home.”

Jewel seemed troubled and Eddy knew there was a long story to that. He also knew this was no place to tell it. It was quite possible that Krowler still had a punch or two left in him and Eddy was not sure he could take it. He could feel some warm liquid flowing from his head and he didn’t quite know where the blood streaming from him had come from.  It must have happened when I passed out. All the same they needed to get out of there and fast.

“Let’s go dear you’ll tell me later.” They struggled to rise and within a few minutes Jewel could smell the beauty of cool fresh breath. She hadn’t called but she had found hope. Eddy was here-her armour for yet another time.

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